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Final talkshow

Posted by By JOE EFFIONG, Uyo on 2007/04/17 | Views: 522 |

Final talkshow

Akwa Ibom state governor, Obong Victor Attah recently, threw open his bureacratic doors to the public as he participate in a town hall meeting tagged economic summit.

Akwa Ibom state governor, Obong Victor Attah recently, threw open his bureacratic doors to the public as he participate in a town hall meeting tagged economic summit.

In his final speech as governor on the occasion, which he entitled “Sustaining the Akwa Ibom Project,” Attah presented his score card which received enough applause to drown Oshodi, but he did not spare the local government officials and the current candidates of the various political parties, except those from his PDP, who shunned the final summit like a plague. He tongue lash them as not being qualified to even aspire for any position.

The managing director of Union Bank, Mr Barth Ebong, who chaired the event, observed that “the performance of leadership at the third tier of government in the state is quite unsatisfactory,” adding, however “The level of private sector participation in the state’s economy is still very low.”

He commended Attah, “for exhibiting a high mark of leadership in keeping faith with the people of Akwa Ibom State by accepting to present his score card not at a political ceremonial event but a people’s business forum where feedbacks were got”.

He also commended the government under the leadership of Obong Attah “for laying the foundation for the socio-economic transformation of the state, particularly in the areas of physical and human infrastructure; for the production of the baseline socio-economic study of the state which has now provided benchmark indicators or sound planning”.

However, it was not all kudos for Attah’s government as the summit observed that the economic advancement of the state still remained the biggest collective challenge facing the state at the moment.
“There are still grounds to be covered in the quest for the socio-economic transformation of the state, especially in the areas of education, health, agriculture, entrepreneurial development, institution building and attitudinal re-orientation,” he concludes.

With the above observations in mind, the summit specifically recommended the adoption of the state’s modified action plan; complete restructuring of the educational system to produce high quality human capital that are more competent, more functional and marketable and capable of operating the intended knowledge-based economy of the state. This should include infrastructure, human capacity and motivation.

The group also recommended “building on the current level of achievements in creation of enabling environment for private sector driven economy.
“Development framework should incorporate acceptable principles that ensure equitible provision of infrastructure in all parts of the state as well as set minimum facilities to be provided at each given level of development unit.

The third tier of government appeared to have seriously run foul of governance in the present Akwa Ibom State as it was not only Gov. Attah who frowned at their performance. The summit also asked that “the processes of recruiting leadership at the third tier of government be urgently re-evaluated from the point of views of law, experience and sense of service.
It also recommended that the state government should ensure an effective synergy in the development planning process at the local government level to put it in tandem with the overall objective development of the state.

The summit concluded its recommendations with advice to the state to institute a sustained progress of enlightening the people on the vision and progress of Akwa Ibom Project.
“The issue of insecurity should be included as an integral part of the strategic action plan; adopt immediate measures to make Akwa Ibom State a land of peace and orderliness.”It said
Those who had the opportunity to speak formally on the occasion said the summit was a worth-while venture coming at the right time when the people are preparing to bid Attah good-bye. For others, it was just another talk-shop, and “a way of justifying squandermania.”

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