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Ike Ibeabuchhi begs president George Bush - `I’m tired of jail`

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Ike Ibeabuchhi begs president George Bush - `I’m tired of jail`

Nigeria’s boxing icon, now languishing in gaol in the United States of America, Ike Ibeabuchi, has appealed to President George Bush to intervene in his case, saying he has learnt a lot of lessons in jail.

Nigeria’s boxing icon, now languishing in gaol in the United States of America, Ike Ibeabuchi, has appealed to President George Bush to intervene in his case, saying he has learnt a lot of lessons in jail.

There was high hope in 2004 that the Nigerian would be paroled but that hope was dashed. And as the rumour in the mill is rife that he may breathe the air of freedom this year, Ike, who spoke with a boxing analyst, Izyaslav Koza, of the Eastside boxing magazine, from prison, said President Bush can make the difference in his life this time.

“My last parole hearing was in August 2004,” Ike said, adding that his next parole hearing is scheduled for August 2007. “I don’t quite know what fans can do to help me. I suppose letters of concern to various state of Nevada officials, on my behalf, wouldn’t hurt (Governor, Secretary of State, Parole Commissioner, etc.). I would welcome any support I can get, even from President Bush. I hear he is a big boxing fan. Like I stated before, there is nothing I will not do for my fans.”

Narrating his daily activities in the prison, Ike said his day does not begin without a prayer to God, and neither does he go to sleep without thanking God for His mercies.

“My daily routine begins with prayer and fasting from 6am to 12noon, during which time I do a rigorous workout. I will not reveal the specifics of my workout. I do not want the competition getting an early read, if you know what I mean. I do run, but not the traditional roadwork. I'm limited here.
“I believe what the fans really want to know is whether I am in shape. The answer is yes.

“I'm in shape to fight right now. My boxing program includes shadow boxing and the study of ‘Psycho-pugilism’. God willing, I shall introduce the world of boxing to my new supreme delicacy Psycho-pugilism (the food of the warrior boxing god) upon my eventual return to the ring.

I also study, go to school (college classes), and watch a little soap opera. I watch Law & Order and Jeopardy, almost everyday. By 10pm, I'm in my room for the late evening news. I read mail and e-mails from my fans, and answer them accordingly. My evening is closed with a prayer, while lying down in my bed.”

The story of Mike Tyson’s stint in jail was, to some degree, glamorized and it was suggested the other inmates were afraid of him. But unlike Mike Tyson, “I am housed in the general population with other inmates. Therefore, I have the opportunity to mingle with inmates of different races and cultural backgrounds,” he said.

Inside the inmates (about 1,500 prisoners) call him ‘The Champ’ but Ike said: “God knows they are right. The justification being my accomplishments since incarceration. My composure, tenacity, endurance and overall conduct are worth emulating here in the prison. In short, I set positive examples. I identify all fellow inmates as ‘bro’. Many of them are even willing to do my time for me...for no cost. They are my turpitude, and I respect them dearly.”

Without a doubt, the most memorable moment of Ike’s career to most fans is the devastating punch that basically did in Chris Byrd. Whenever fans ask about him on boxing forums, this is the first video clip they are shown.

“It was memorable but not the most,” Ike replies. “It was memorable because it was episodic. I was fighting circumstances of a facade outside of boxing, when the Chris Byrd fight was made. The most memorable moments were each of my ring entrances, where I displayed my ingenuity, which got better and better each time.

“To describe the Chris Byrd fight is to teach or describe how to catch or kill a fly with your bare hands. Do not try to catch the fly directly, even as it is perched or rests. Always aim at the vacuum of its escape. Most of the time, the vacuum becomes the fly at last when you open your hand.
“Byrd didn't believe I was able to do that to him, to outsmart him. Of course, he's a ‘spartan’. He is not going to quit until he can't breathe anymore. After all, he did become a world champion.
“It took only two fights to define me for most fans – David Tua and Chris Byrd.

Two contrasting styles. Indeed, a symbolic crucifix gesture...that is by the way. Tua was tough and, to beat him, I had to do things only a superman would do. With the help of Curtis Cokes, my trainer, I had to be a genie. A sledgehammer wouldn't have stopped me that night. I was thinking 15 rounds of boxing. 12 rounds was just incomplete. Remember now, in round 12, I started my round one routine again, indicating that I was beginning to do a second lap.”

Does Ike still follow boxing in prison? His response is shocking: “I follow boxing.” He added that his dream is to meet Wladimir Klitschko, adding that Oleg Maskaev is a temporary champion because ‘when the cats are away, the mice will play’.
Ike Ibeabuchi tips his compatriot Samuel Peter to be the greatest fighter of all times. But he warns that The Nightmare must take his time.

“Samuel Peter is the best fighter, but he's got to take his time to inflict pain to prove it.”
Life in Prison is a very difficult thing, but strongman Ike still keeps his head together getting through the days?
“My life, even in prison, depicts a life that has been lived in the Bible many times. I like to see myself as the (Baptist or the Messiah, with God 1st), like Daniel in the Lion’s Den, like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the fiery furnace but never got burned, like Jacob who had run from his hairy brother in Dallas. Like Samson who saw wisdom and humility when his eyes were gone, like Moses who ruled scorpions and snakes in the desert...and I could go on and on.”

He hinted that what he misses the most about being on the outside is everything a man in need would. “But I would like the fans to know that I am an innocent man, and that I am being made a scapegoat for my perspicacity. Many know this. Nevertheless, I am dealing with this unfortunate circumstance to the very best of my ability. I have not stopped fighting and I never will. I was proclaimed the most dangerous man in the ring in 1999.

“Now with my academic achievements and life experiences, I feel I have the ability to take huge strides outside the ring as well. Still, I equally share the pains of deprived quality boxing entertainment. With continued support for justice, perhaps we can reverse the situation and get a rightful and true heavyweight champion back in the ring. I love you all,” Ibeabuchi said.

Friday, January 25, 2002
Ibeabuchi could spend 30 years in prison

Associated Press

LAS VEGAS -- Former heavyweight boxer Ikemefula "Ike" Ibeabuchi was sentenced to five to 30 years in prison for sexually assaulting an entertainer at a Las Vegas hotel-casino.

Clark County District Judge Joseph Bonaventure on Thursday denied the 28-year-old boxer's effort to withdraw the plea he agreed to in a deal with prosecutors, court spokesman Michael Sommermeyer said Friday.

The Nigerian-born boxer claimed that an anti-psychotic medication he took diminished his ability to reason and that should void what was essentially a no contest plea he entered on Nov. 8.

Ibeabuchi had admitted no guilt but conceded the state had enough evidence to prove attempted sexual assault and battery charges.

The case stemmed from 21-year-old dancer's complaint that Ibeabuchi raped her in July 1999 in a room at The Mirage. Police reported finding the boxer barricaded inside the bathroom and said they squirted pepper spray under the door to make him surrender.

Prosecution and defense doctors haven't agreed whether Ibeabuchi could understand the charges against him or if he could assist in his defense.

Before his arrest, the IBF ranked the 6-foot-2, 240-pound boxer No. 2 in the world. He was undefeated, with 15 knockouts in 20 fights.

Had the case gone to trial, prosecutors intended to summon dancers to testify that Ibeabuchi sexually attacked them in Las Vegas in December 1998 and in Scottsdale, Ariz., in August 1998. No criminal charges were filed in either case.

Ibeabuchi also faces sexual assault charges in Maricopa County, Ariz., stemming from an escort service employee's complaint that he raped her in Gilbert, Ariz., in November 1998.

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