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Lure of pounded yam

Posted by By PAUL ORUDE, Bauchi on 2007/02/16 | Views: 668 |

Lure of pounded yam

Miss Rose Ibe is a successful restaurateur in her late 20s. Operating at a good location in Bauchi, this beautiful fair complexion lady has managed her restaurant pretty well since 1999.

•In Bauchi, no fewer than 1000 people daily scramble to have a taste of the delicacy

Miss Rose Ibe is a successful restaurateur in her late 20s. Operating at a good location in Bauchi, this beautiful fair complexion lady has managed her restaurant pretty well since 1999.

Located in the highbrow area of the city opposite Inland Bank, the restaurant is simply known as Rose, named after her. It has unique features. You will be disappointed if you come on Saturday to look for food. This day is a day of rest for Rose and her workers.

Again, one dish that attracts people to this one room eating joint is pounded yam. This popular Nigerian menu is what makes Rose thic. Most of the customers who patronise her come basically for her neat, inviting hot pounded yam. But you’ll unlikely meet this delicacy in the afternoon after 2 o’clock .

Rose has never been to a catering school or worked at a five-star hotel. However, she has managed her restaurant successfully that students of management could learn a thing or two from her.
Still single, Rose revealed that she learnt how to cook from her mother. “I used to help her then. She used to cook at Igbo Quarters in Bauchi, that was how I got interested in it and I started my own restaurant in 1999”, she said.

Rose is the second of three girls by her parents. Brought up by a single mother, she learnt to be independent at a young age when she lost her father. While her elder sister is now married, Rose is helping her family to train their younger sister who is an undergraduate with proceeds from her business.
From a humble beginning, Rose now have more than 1000 people coming to her restaurant daily, except Saturdays and Sundays, to eat on the average, she makes N30,000 daily.

The Imo born lady from Owerri says her special menu is pounded yam. “I really take my time to prepare it because most of my customers don’t joke with it”, she said with a smile.
Rose has nine workers under her – mostly girls. On the relationship she has with them, she says “they enjoy working with me because I pay them monthly and I don’t use to owe them. I also hardly complain about them instead encourage them and they do what is expected of them.

The highest paid staff earns N5000 while the lowest earns 3000 with benefits that include free meals”.
Asked what challenges she faces running the restaurant, Rose revealed that there was never any difficulties. Her philosophy in life, according to her, is seeing things from the positive angle.
“Believe me, everyday is a happy day for me,” she said, adding: “I feel happy cooking for the public and I am happy when they praise my food”.

Why is Rose still not married? “The suitors are coming but I’ve not seen the right and caring man who will understand me. I don’t want to make a wrong choice,” she says.

How does she cope with men’s advances?
Her words: “It depends on the way you co-operate with them. If you reduce yourself, they will take you for granted. I try to be jovial. I crack jokes with them, that attracts customers, mostly male ones. It is not that I am the best restaurant in Bauchi”.

While people scramble for Rose pounded yam, she prefers another delicacy. “Most people who come here like to eat pounded yam, but for me, I prefer rice. In a day, I eat it twice,” she said.

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