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Tinubu, Pedro at war

Posted by By FEMI BABAFEMI on 2007/02/13 | Views: 892 |

Tinubu, Pedro at war

Lagos Deputy Governor, Olufemi Pedro on Monday dismissed as a wicked lie the accusation by his boss, Governor Bola Tinubu that he (Pedro) is part of a plot to rope him into a coup plot.

ēOver coup frame-up allegation

Lagos Deputy Governor, Olufemi Pedro on Monday dismissed as a wicked lie the accusation by his boss, Governor Bola Tinubu that he (Pedro) is part of a plot to rope him into a coup plot.

The simmering crisis between the two broke open even as some key officials of the state government may have begun discussions with principal officers of the House of Assembly to impeach Pedro as a pre-emptive measure.
The deputy governor came under another attack Monday when the state government labelled him as a treacherous betrayer.

Apart from Pedroís reaction to the allegation against him, the PDP in the state through the campaign organisation of its governorship candidate, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro described the governorís alarm as the cry of a drowning man.

Trouble began on Sunday when the governor in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, Mr Kehinde Bamigbetan raised alarm over an alleged plot to implicate him in a phantom coup by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led Federal Government as part of a desperate bid to capture the state with a campaign budget of N10 billion in the April polls.

"Asiwaju Tinubuís exit would thus pave the way for the emergence of his deputy, Otunba Femi Pedro, who the source said, was in league with the PDP on the frame-up to act as the governor. Otunba Pedro, who decamped from the Action Congress to Labour Party, believed to be one of the fronts of the presidential strategists, would sack the cabinet and remove all local government chairmen," the statement by the governorís media aide further alleged.

But in a statement personally signed by Pedro Monday he described the governorís allegation as "totally false, malicious, sinister, diversionary and, to say the least, highly despicable and should be discountenanced in its entirety."

He also described the accusation as a "reflection of the mindset, desperation and frustration of the author," adding that "in my usual style, I shall continue to remain focussed on issues of paramount interest to the people of Lagos State, carrying out my duties diligently without joining issues on matters of palpable frivolities or attack on personalities."

While stressing that his candidacy in the April polls has continued to enjoy "tremendous support of various stakeholders, including organized labour unions, professionals, students, women, youths and generality of Lagosians," Pedro stated that he would only concentrate on his campaign with "diligence, a sense of mission and seriousness of purpose," rather than allowing himself to be distracted by frivolous allegations.

Meanwhile, some key officials of the state government may have begun discussions with principal officers of the state House of Assembly with the aim of removing Pedro from office so as to destabilise the alleged plot of sacking the governor.

The move against Pedro in the House was to begin few weeks ago when the deputy governor decamped from AC to Labour Party but the governor prevailed on the lawmakers through a well publicized letter written to the leadership of the House.
Though no member of the House was willing to be quoted on the development
, it was gathered that the impeachment move would sail through as soon as the governor gives his final nod.
More knocks, however, came for Pedro in another statement by the Special Adviser to the governor on Information and strategy, Mr Segun Ayobolu who described Pedroís denial of his involvement in the alleged plot as "diversionary, cheap and unconvincing."

According to the statement, "it is clearly a dyed in the wool conservative who in pursuit of a desperate ambition has become an emergency and hypocritical labour activist that exhibits symptoms of frustration. We sincerely pity him."

While stressing that the deputy governor has a right to pursue his ambition on any platform he chooses, the state government said "we, however, advise him to remain within the confines of legality. He can also create time to refresh his memory on the political fate of those who chose the path of treachery and perfidy in Yorubaland."

The state government further said that "we do not expect any different reaction from a man implicated in the worst form of treachery against his political benefactor, indeed, the active involvement of Otunba Femi Pedro in the satanic and illegal attempt to subvert the legitimate administration of the state is only true to character.

"Security reports available to the state government had long indicated Pedroís questionable collaboration with distracters of Lagos State simply because of his unbridled ambition. We therefore have no cause to doubt the information which we exposed to the world yesterday (Sunday). In this dangerous times, when we witness the most brazen arson on constitutionalism, due process and public morality on a daily basis by those who occupy the highest offices of state, we will as a government take no information for granted. We will remain ever vigilant in the defence of our mandate and the liberty of our people."

According to the statement from the Obanikoro Campaign Organisation, "the Action Congress in Lagos State, has fallen apart, and not only that, the panic effect of Senator Obanikoroís candidacy on AC and his rising popularity amongst the people of Lagos State may have necessitated the concocted allegation.

"There is no iota of truth in the statement that the PDP has set aside 10 billion naira to capture Lagos State at all cost. Neither has the Presidency converted all military and paramilitary agencies to play a critical role in achieving this purpose as Tinubu wants Lagosians to believe. Rather, Tinubu can see glaringly from the prevailing situation in Lagos State that the chances of his candidate, Raji Fashola is so slim amongst other candidates including the eleven AC decampees, and especially Senator Obanikoro who stands the best chance of winning the gubernatorial contest in Lagos State."

The group added that "Sequel to the indictment of Governor Tinubu by the EFCC last week, and knowing full well that he may not survive the tightening noose of EFCC, the governor has reverted to clutching of straws as would a drowning man. Hence his allegation that the PDP has formed an alliance with his deputy to make sure he is kicked out of office."

"For the records, there has never been a time when the PDP leadership and the Labour Party held a meeting or an allegiance as expressed by the Lagos State government, neither has the PDP concluded or even resolved to change Senator Obanikoro as his gubernatorial flagbearer in Lagos State," it added.

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