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Father of 8 accused of wizardry, beaten to pulp

Posted by By Juliana Francis on 2007/01/08 | Views: 613 |

Father of 8 accused of wizardry, beaten to pulp

It was hell for a father of eight in Lagos as one of his neighbours descended heavily on him, beating him to pulp after he was accused of wizardry.

It was hell for a father of eight in Lagos as one of his neighbours descended heavily on him, beating him to pulp after he was accused of wizardry.

Daily Sun learnt that the neighbour had visited a native doctor who allegedly revealed to them that the man was responsible for their sister’s mysterious ailment.

The lady, it was gathered, had suddenly developed mysterious swellings on different parts of her body, while still living in the same compound with the man identified as Samuel Aka. She and her brother were alleged to have travelled to various places in frantic search for a cure for her ailment and were told in the places that Aka was the brain behind the ailment.
The brother identified as John Ogbodo and the lady allegedly met three different native doctors, who had allegedly fingered Aka as the architect of her misfortune.

Following the revelation, Ogbodo allegedly became infuriated but his anger was doubled when the lady’s fiancé who was said to reside abroad, returned to Nigeria and instead of making preparation for the long awaited wedding, started footdragging. The fiancé later confided in Ogbodo that his parents had gone to “check out” the lady from some seers and they had revealed that a curse was placed on her by some unknown persons.

Ogbodo, who had already moved out of the compound he shared with Aka this year due to another revelation, was said to have stormed Aka’s home and attacked him urging him to make his sister well.
Narrating how the troubles started, Aka said it was after his wife died in 2005 that Ogbodo began attacks on him and his family, adding that that this present assault was the fourth carried out by Ogbodo on him.

Ogbodo, who had earlier declined talking to journalists, later revealed that he had to move out of the compound because they had a revelation that the source of his sister’s ailment was connected to the house. He further added that his sister’s ailment became serious when she could no longer walk nor go to the loo unaided. The lady, who was with Ogbodo, showed Daily Sun the swollen parts of her body.
Aka said: “On December 24, 2006, I woke up my children that we should go to church. I heard somebody banging my door. I saw Ogbodo with two men. There were others outside. They ordered me to come out.

When I demanded to know why, he said I was the one troubling his wife and sister. He said he’d kill me. They all started beating me. I felt pains all over my body. I couldn’t fight back. I was just looking at them. They picked stones and said they would stone me to death. I told them to do whatever they wanted to do. Ogbodo brought out a liquid from his pocket. He poured it in front of my doorpost. He said the charms I used on his wife and sister would spoil. He said he gave me 30 days within which I would die.”

Aka added that he was a Christian and did not believe in charms. According to detectives, they were more concerned with the threat to life angle and the assault on Aka.

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I want the meaning of female owan name Ekeke (Edo state)

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Authority belongs to God, once He decrees it is final and binding

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Your meaning of Osamede is wrong. Osamede means God has given me a crown