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Serial killer strikes again!

Posted by By CHRISTOPHER OJI on 2005/03/17 | Views: 272 |

Serial killer strikes again!

A serial killer who had concentrated on Bureau de Change operators in Lagos has struck again killing yet another victim in a hotel room.

A serial killer who had concentrated on Bureau de Change operators in Lagos has struck again killing yet another victim in a hotel room. The killer’s trademark has to do with making phone calls to Bureau de Change operators that he has large amount of dollars and pounds to change in his hotel room. He would thereafter drug fruit juice or kolanut and after eating, the victims would sleep while he would use hard object to pound them to death.

The killer had since last year struck in three different hotels in Lagos, killing his victims while he has made over N20 million from the ignoble trade.
His latest business was at a hotel in Apapa where he drugged one Mohammed Ali and used a pestle to pound him till he died. Then he carted away the sum of N1.2 million.

A source at the hotel told Daily Sun that the killer lodged in room 206 with a fake name, Engineer David O. Ogechukwu, and told the workers that he was expecting an Alhaji, adding that he was not expecting any other person and as such he needed no disturbance.
When a man who claimed to be an Alhaji came, he was directed to room 206 where the assumed engineer lodged.

A few hours later, the killer said he was going to buy something across the road. As he did not go out with the bag he came in with and since his time had not expired, no one suspected him.
The evil was discovered when a worker sighted the visiting Alhaji with blood all over him, trying to jump through the window but could not.

The worker said: “We all rushed to the place but the victim muttered inaudible words, staggered and fell, then he died. We saw a pestle with which the evil man cracked his skull and we also saw some kolanut believed to have been drugged.”

A police source at Area “B” told Daily Sun that investigation revealed that the police authorities had held meetings with Bureau de Change operators intimating them about a killer on the prowl, carting away their money after killing them.

He said: “Information at our disposal also shows that the victim, Mohammed Ali rebuffed the warning of his colleagues not to visit the man in the hotel. We gathered that he even disguised to deceive his colleagues and headed straight on the fatal journey. His colleagues and master were surprised when the news got to them because they did not know that he still went to meet the man.”

The police officer said that as a Muslim, the victim had been buried according to Islamic rites. He added that strategies had been mapped out to track down the evil man.
It could be recalled that the killer had late last year struck in two other hotels on Victoria Island and Ajao Estate, killing his victims and carting away over N18 million.

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