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Anita Hogan curses those behind pornographic pictures

Posted by By Azuh Amatus on 2006/08/25 | Views: 8963 |

Anita Hogan curses those behind pornographic pictures

Nollywood actress, Anita Hogan, on Thursday broke her silence on her published pornographic pictures, cursing those behind the controversial publications.

Nollywood actress, Anita Hogan, on Thursday broke her silence on her published pornographic pictures, cursing those behind the controversial publications. She promised to press legal charges against those behind it.

"My lawyers are already taking the legal or conventional and proper pre-action steps for me to get redress. The foregoing is only ‘human’ step. The damages I have suffered are irreparable. So, I shall continue to call on God to dratically punish any person who tried to do evil against me in such cruel manner, whereas I did not do any evil to such or any person," the star participant in last year’s edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search TV programme said amid tears at a press conference in Lagos.

A Lagos-based evening newspaper and its sister publication, a weekly news magazine, had published lurid shots of Hogan and a whiteman. Owing to shock. Hogan claimed she
lost a three month pregnancy. She said she was a victim of a syndicate of blackmailers who wanted to extort to money from her.

She alleged that the obscene pictures, which, she claimed were privately stored in her computer, were stolen, manipulated and published after she refused to pay two million naira demanded by the gang represented by one Emeka Nwankwo, who, along with some accomplices, is now a guest of the police.

"Those publications were obscene, inglorious and repulsive. It was a callous and unwarranted sadistic affront on Nigerian womanhood. It was a most wicked falsehood. It was, for whatever reason(s), calculated to negatively stigmatize my person and portray me to be a prostitute who commercializes her body and poses nude for white men. The publications were outrageously irresponsible, immoral, unfounded, libelous and malicious. It was an unnecessary invasion of my privacy, done with such careless impunity," Hogan said.
She added: "I did not pose nude for any person or any photographer.

I have never been known or reported or even suspected to have been involved in any scandalous immorality. My consent was not sought and or obtained before (or even after) the publication. Oh my God! It was a criminal invasion of my fiance’s privacy and mine. I suffered shock. I lost the three months pregnancy I was carrying for my fiance, the white man. I was cleaned up at the Military Hospital. Yaba, Lagos.

"The publication was apparently vexatious. Something like: ‘O.K, you don’t want to settle, you will regret your action.’ I refused to yield to blackmail and then they contrived to publish the pictures, posted them on Internet to severely punish me and to also make profit from the sale of their papers.
"The culprits invaded my privacy.

The target was the white man. They could not locate the white man, so, they turned to me and desperately tried to extort money from me. I was unyielding, so they falsely attacked and debased the collective morality of the Nigerian female stars, particularly actresses, by obnoxiously publishing the obscene pictures. They played on sentiments and made good money from the sale of their papers and magazine."
She thanked Nigerians for their support, understanding, objective criticism and interest, adding: "I also thank members of both the electronic and print media for their ‘balanced’ presentation of this issue, even though the principal person is ‘one of their one."

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I want the meaning of female owan name Ekeke (Edo state)

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Authority belongs to God, once He decrees it is final and binding

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Your meaning of Osamede is wrong. Osamede means God has given me a crown