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HORROR! Man, 40, slaughters 4-yr-old girl,

Posted by By KENNY ASHAKA, Kaduna on 2006/08/19 | Views: 1149 |

HORROR! Man, 40, slaughters 4-yr-old girl,

A ghostly man has decapitated a four- year-old girl and handed her head and private part to his accomplice for sale.

• Dumps mutilated body in well
• Scavenging pig drowns in search of rotting remains

A ghostly man has decapitated a four- year-old girl and handed her head and private part to his accomplice for sale.

The man, 40-year- old Yakubu Danjuma, from Niger State and a factory hand with a bakery in Zonkwa, Kaduna State, has however, been arrested by the police in Kaduna .

Yakubu was arrested in his workplace nearly one month after chopping off the head of little Martina Jacob, one of the twin babies of a “Burukutu” (local drink) seller, and slicing off her private part which he and his co-worker – Abdullahi – a Fulani man intended to use for rituals.

Abdullahi, has however, bolted with the head and private part of the little girl, promising to “see” Yakubu after selling the parts.
Yakubu Danjuma did not know he was courting disaster when he and Abdullahi connived to murder young Martina in cold blood.

The plot was hatched from a “burukutu” joint where Abdullahi allegedly gave Yakubu N20 to buy biscuit with which they succeeded in luring the unsuspecting girl home when her mother was busy brewing more of the local drink.

The girl who was kidnapped at 4 o’clock in the afternoon was taken to a lonely stream at 9 o’clock in the night where she was dealt several matchet cuts before being decapitated.
Apparently propelled by the spirit of little Martina, who was murdered on the July 7, Yakubu moved to the scene of crime on the July 22, in the wee hours of the night.
Once at the scene, Yakubu removed the decomposed corpse and threw it into a well within the vicinity with a view to concealing the crime.

Curious pig
But the cat was let out of the bag when the stench from the decomposed corpse assailed the nostrils of a pig which was hunting for a meal.
Possibly, out of curiosity, the pig took a plunge into the well in its desperate bid to savour what delicacy there was in the well.

The disappearance of the Pig, triggered-off the composition of a search party by its owner, Madam Elizabeth Alhassan John who alerted neighbours about the loss of her pet.
Meanwhile, the search party organized to locate little Martina following her sudden disappearance from her mother’s “burukutu” joint had yielded no result, a situation which prompted Martina’s grand father to lodge the case of a missing child with the police in Zonkwa.

However, few days after the report, Martina’s putrefied and bloated body was fished out from the well by those searching for the pig. Her remains had been lying under the pig.
The Ungwar Musa Ward in Zonkwa where the event occurred was immediately thrown into shock and consternation as some of the residents fingered Yakubu Danjuma and Abdullahi as the duo who became unnecessarily friendly to Martina before her disappearance.
Swindled after murder

Yakubu immediately confessed to the crime and the case was transferred to the state command headquarters for further investigation by crack homicide detectives in Kaduna.
The suspect confessed to Saturday Sun that he was contracted to produce the head and private part of a female for a fee of N10,000 but that after the commission of the crime, “Abdullahi told me he would see me after the sale of the parts.

“He said he was taking it to somebody for sale after which he will come and see me. I don’t know his house although we have been working together for the past 20 years.
“Abdullahi was the one who cut off the private part and I cut off the head before we put it in a leather bag (polythene bag). Abdullahi left since then and has not returned.”
Police Public Relations Officers of the Kaduna State Police Command, Sa’ad Yahaya (DSP), confirmed the story and said the suspect would be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the land relating to culpable homicide.

He said efforts were being made to track down Abdullahi who is on the run and asked members of the public to volunteer information that could lead to his arrest and prosecution.
He cautioned parents to take keen interest in the whereabouts of their children and to make prompt report of cases of missing children to enable the police to swing into action before the disappearance of suspects.

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