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The potency of your vision

Posted by Goke Ilesanmi on 2006/08/09 | Views: 745 |

The potency of your vision

Vision is a strange concept. It is much more than just a goal or purpose. Goals simply state what we aim to achieve while visions paint a fuller picture by describing.....

Vision is a strange concept. It is much more than just a goal or purpose. Goals simply state what we aim to achieve while visions paint a fuller picture by describing our most-cherished dreams, hopes and possibilities.

"...Go beyond the dreams to more systematic planning. Write down specific goals that will really tax you. Establish timetable for getting to your goals and procedures for reaching them. This is not something to do and then put away in a drawer; do it on a continuing basis, constantly revising, as new problems are faced and new things are learnt," submits John B. Miner, a renowned human-resource-management consultant.

According to James J. Semradek and Michael P. Butler, "Without a vision, you donít know where you are going and certainly canít develop a strategy to get there. The vision you establish creates the future you will have. Establishing your vision requires that you integrate who you are and the opportunity you have chosen to pursue to a cohesive whole."

Vision and action

Without action, visions are just dreams. They are creations of our imagination, nothing more. But with action and the ability to see the steps from where we are now to where we can be, dreams become reality. According to Eric Garner, "In Shell UK, managers are taught to develop a quality known as Ďhelicopter visioní. This is the ability to see across three time zones of the future, as if in a hovering helicopter. From here, you can see the near plains, the middle range foothills and the distant peaks. Being able to see all three zones at once harmonises your tactical actions, your operational planning and your overall strategy. There is a clear map to the realisation of the vision."

Shinn, Chandler and Anthony on action

"Mind and action are Ö important. Itís like driving a car - you have to know where youíre going before you get in and start driving," says George Shinn, a renowned motivational writer and speaker. The purpose of motivation is to get action, not just a random action but specific actions, and the willingness to act on your ideas is at least as important as the ideas themselves. If you want to be successful in life, you need to be a self-starter; give your success aspiration all you have; and dare yourself to act now.

"Results demand action, and goal-oriented people know that action -action now- is the only way their goals are going to be achieved," submits Shinn, adding: "The world is full of opportunities waiting to be seized. ones turn up every day. But the key to making the most of those opportunities is action." This implies that you should dream your dreams, but motivate yourself to put your plans into motion.

Steve Chandler, a sales trainer as well as a keynote and convention speaker reflects that the choices you make for your thinking either motivate you or not; and although clear visualisation of a goal is a good first step, a joyfully motivated life demands more. Chandler says to live the life you want to live, action is required. Even William Shakespeare says thus: "Action is eloquence."

Dr. Robert Anthony, a renowned motivational writer says to be able to make the impossible possible in your life journey, you need to have clear thinking, empowered sense of self and take action. Anthony reflects that when you plan your life and set goals with the powerful meaning of purpose, you will remain on track regardless of any obstacle in your path.

Vision and leadership

One thing that distinguishes great leaders from others is the power, depth, and breadth of their vision. The first of the secrets of becoming an effective leader is to create a vision. The best leaders not only assign tasks or monitor performance.  They plan for the future and motivate others to see the same vision so that they can all thrive to accomplish that vision. "Instead of dwelling on limited problems, the perfect leader looks at the big picture.  They live the organisationís mission and implement, motivate, and dedicate all their efforts to accomplishing the mission," says Ed Sykes, a renowned motivator and human-resource-development consultant. This consultant adds that the perfect leadersí actions are related to accomplishing the goals of the mission statement and can communicate the vision of the organisation.

According to Garner, "The ability to see possibilities that others do not see is one of the hallmarks of great leaders. Where most of us see just a consignment of goods, leaders see an exciting product that can change someoneís life. Where most of us see an office with space for desks and filing cabinets, leaders see a place where teams can do groundbreaking work. Where most of us see people with names and titles, leaders see budding organisational champions."

As George Bernard Shaw says, "Some people see things as they are and ask Why? I see things that are not and ask Why not?"

Limitless vision

According to Garner, the truly great leaders do not put limits on their vision. They go for the biggest dream they can imagine even if it is only realised at some time in the future when they are no longer around. There is a story about Walt Disney, the filmmaker who died six years before the opening of the first Disney World. At the opening ceremony, two Disney executives were sitting together. One said, "Too bad Walt couldnít have been here to see this." The other replied, "Youíre wrong. Walt did see it. Thatís why itís here." While most of us see no more than three months ahead, outstanding leaders can see several years ahead. Elliott Jaques of Brunel University believes that one person in a million can see 20 years ahead. Konosuke Matsushita, the Japanese industrialist even has a 250-year plan for his business. Leaders do more than have a vision of what is possible; they articulate it and draw others in. They do this through metaphor, images, and by triggering the innate desire of all people to be part of something big.

Last words

Be determined today to unleash your power of vision so that you can record tremendous success.

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