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Dealing with enemies on your journey to breakthrough

Posted by By ANULI AUSBETH-AJAGU on 2006/08/01 | Views: 1068 |

Dealing with enemies on your journey to breakthrough

Anyone desirous of breakthrough is invariably asking for trouble. The trouble in this instance is opposition. In order not to terminate your breakthrough.....

Anyone desirous of breakthrough is invariably asking for trouble. The trouble in this instance is opposition. In order not to terminate your breakthrough, it is good you understand the issue of opposition, so as to handle it well when it manifests.

You Must Be Prepared For Opposition:
Opposition, rivalry, envy, outbursts of jealousies are just a few negative issues you should expect on your journey to breakthrough. Therefore, you must not be moved, disturbed or distracted by adversity. Donít give cynics and detractors the pleasure of keeping you miserable. See them as necessary agents of motivation. Let their harsh, insensitive words or attitudes propel you into doing exploits. Let their rebellion, disloyalty, brutality, meanness, stinginess, insults or oppression strengthen your resolve to breakthrough.

Opposition can come from anywhere; your enemies, loved ones, friends, colleagues, superiors, subordinates, or family! But never mind, as long as you are on the right path, they shall be witnesses to your testimony of greatness. Like the biblical tale of Joseph, whose brothers sold into slavery out of jealousy, and eventually came bowing to him for help when he became governor in Egypt, so also shall your adversaries bow. Did I hear you say amen? Just make sure that you are not the guilty party and enemy of other peopleís progress.
You Must Not Give Up Because Of Opposition

Rather than give-up, die or lose heart because of opposition, you should move to the next level. You must be patient and endure trials. You must stay positive. When one door shuts, another opens. If those you counted on for help abandon you, abuse you, betray, cheat, insult or despise you, never mind. It is probably time you changed gear, and pitch your camp elsewhere. Some people, particularly young folks and widows, are in difficult conditions today because of human injustice. They probably come from wealthy homes. Thy received treasures from their parents or spouse, but as soon as their breadwinner or parents died, some greedy, crooked and mean relative or friend deprived them of their rightful inheritance. Their enemies blocked their wells of blessings and sources of income. May the God of justice open every blocked well in your life and restore all that the enemy stole from you in Jesus name! That reminds me of the biblical account of Isaac, the son of wealthy Abraham.

After Abrahamís death, his enemies, the Philistines, blocked his wells. But there came a time of famine, and Isaac needed a breakthrough. He had to go and unblock his fatherís wells. Besides, he also had to find a new source because his enemies contested his ownership of the wells. Thus he and his servants started digging new wells. They dug in the valley, until they found a well of running water. Friend, you will also find your own well of running water (prosperity). Despite whatever injustice you have endured, you need to keep digging. Continue to make effort, work hard, no matter the opposition. People may laugh at you, but keep at it. Remain consistent. Persevere until you breakthrough.

Expect Stiff Opposition When Your Blessings Materialize
Have you ever been in a situation where you laboured, sowed seeds, suffered, worked hard, and as soon as blessings started coming, enemies of progress began to quarrel with you? They begin to say malicious things and spread rumours all in a bid to discredit you? Donít worry. They will soon swallow their words. Their evil schemes will boomerang and they will fall into the trap they set for you. Donít give up. Be strong. Stay focused. The good Lord will soon make room for you, and you shall breakthrough beyond human limitation. Enduring breakthrough comes after a series of consistent effort, digging, resisting opposition, overcoming strife, persecution, and trials.

Your Enemies Will Eventually Bow
On your journey to breakthrough, those who despised you, maltreated you, who took you for granted, insulted you, deprived you of your hard earned wages, or forcefully took your inheritance, will come and bow before you. God is a God of justice, compassion and vengeance. He has a way of humbling the wicked. Therefore, expect vindication from every oppression and victimization.

Your enemies will eventually bow. They shall be humbled. Nonetheless, when they are at your mercy and return to plead for forgiveness or help, donít take vengeance because vengeance is the Lordís. Bless them and leave everything to God. Also make sure you are not your own enemy.
Furthermore, make sure your own hands are clean. If in your pursuit of breakthrough, you insult your superiors, cheat, lie or steal, and you get fired or jailed for misdemeanour, you have nobody but yourself to blame. God can never pervert justice. The best thing you can do is to repent, make amends and retrace your steps from where you made the wrong turn. God bless you.

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Abieyuwa(Edo, Nigeria)says...

Otasowie means evening life is better than morning life. There is an error in your ‚Äúevening life is better than evening life‚ÄĚ?

Naija g(Houston, Minnesota, US)says...

Sokari doesn’t mean joy. Joy is Biobela. Go to the village and ask the meaning of the name.

Fay(Katy, Texas, US)says...

Actually translates to bravehearted.