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Good riddance to bad rubbish •Neighbours rejoice over Rev King’s arrest

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Good riddance to bad rubbish •Neighbours rejoice over Rev King’s arrest

Residents of Ajao Estate in Lagos and environs are thanking their stars over the arrest of Rev (Dr). Emeka Ezeugo King,.....

Residents of Ajao Estate in Lagos and environs are thanking their stars over the arrest of Rev (Dr). Emeka Ezeugo King, leader of the Christ Praying Assembly (CPA) by the police for allegedly setting five members of his church ablaze, describing it as good riddance to bad rubbish.

Many of the residents, including former followers of the self-styled ‘Jesus of our time,’ recounted their ordeals and experiences with the pastor and his church, saying they were a veritable menace to the community.

Chief H.R Shekoni Elemo, (Baale of Mafoluku and Ajao Estate)
The case of Rev King has been like a nightmare. Several petitions have been written to the Commissioner of Police, Mr Emmanuel Adebayo and Zone D, Mushin, by the Landlords and Residents Association of Ajao Estate and environs. I had invited him personally on many occasions, which he never honoured, neither did he send any representative from his church.

Residents of the street, where his church is located, live in perpetual fear, as they are beaten mercilessly without provocation. There would have long been mob actions against him, but anytime I envisaged that, I stepped in as a royal father to quell such crisis.

Three weeks ago, a man, whose wife and five children he reportedly seized, came to narrate his ordeal to me. He said Emeka Ezeugo forced him to sign an undertaking that he is owing him (King) the sum of N2 million. I asked him why he signed it, and he said that he had no choice because they would have killed him. You can imagine man’s inhumanity to a fellow man, even after seizing his family.

There was also a case where his church members beat a food vendor to the point of death. They also beat another man that had the effrontery to drive at the same time their ‘god’ was driving. He buys land from people at meagre sum. As I am speaking with you now, many people are relocating from the area.
I am using this medium to appeal to the federal and state governments to confiscate the land where the church is located. They should build a small-scale industry to empower the youths of the area. We don’t want Rev King and his church in Ajao Estate again.

Vincent Okojie, (former church member)
I am a businessman from Umuoji in Anambra State. I am a living testimony of the evil activities going on in that church. I was introduced to the church in 2003 by my bosom friend, who told me miracles happen there. For the three years I attended that church, my business nose-dived and my family deserted me. Unknown to me, my younger ones were fasting and praying for God to rescue me. Until this moment, I cannot explain what happened, but I was delivered. When I left, they started hunting for me and called me all sorts of names.

Dapo Jolaosho (resident)
When I heard that Rev King was arrested, and that The Sun newspaper had the details, I ran to the vendor at Ajao Estate junction only to be told all the copies had been sold. My first encounter with his church members was one Sunday while on my way to St. Clavers Catholic Church for mass. Some menacing young men came and started banging on my car. Before I could knew what was happening, they attacked me and started pushinºg my car off the road to make way for a RAV 4 that had its headlights on with horns blaring. You needed to see the recklessness at which the occupant of the car, who I later found out was their pastor, drove. I also noticed that as he sped past, people started running after the car, while some were kneeling on the tarred road in reverence, all of them spotting beards like the man and carrying his picture everywhere. That is not a church at all. It is a sect.

Kehinde Ojo (resident)
I live on Valley View Street where the pastor’s house, which doubles as the office is located. The type of song and sound that come from that house cannot be described. Even their chorus don’t sound Christian-like. Everything about that place smells and speaks of cultism. We are tired of their activities. It’s quite horrible.

Edet Ukoh (Okada rider)
Since the day I was beaten black and blue by those church people, I don’t make the mistake of carrying passengers to Bishop Ojo Drive, where the church is located. I don’t want to judge so that God would not judge me, but that is not a church at all. How do you describe a place where people go to worship God and are beaten mercilessly? A place where a man is worshipped and likened to Jesus Christ? That is blasphemy.

Ugochukwu Nkworji (resident)
I don’t have anything to tell you. All I know is that if I see anybody wearing a tee shirt, fez cap or tag that have the man’s picture, I would personally mobilize boys to beat the person.

Omolara Balogun (trader)
That is not a church. They pour water on them, beat them like goats, fine them and they see it as a blessing. Anytime they go for their rally they would beat and fight people who refuse to take their handbill. They have had problems with the police, OPC, and everybody in the area. These people have no respect for constituted authority. They even call that man god.

Uche Nwatu (former member)
I was one of Emeka’s henchmen. I was always with him and even got married in that place. I lost everything and was living from hand to mouth. Until I left that place, my wife never got pregnant until recently. When my family and friends learnt that I no longer worship with them, they jubilated. That man wasted my years. Everything about him is shrouded in falsehood and mysticism. I later went for deliverance with my family, because I knew we were rescued from the lion’s den.

Wisdom Eboh (resident)
I am so happy that that man is in the police net. How can a fellow human being set another ablaze, even if the person stole? They should mete to him the same punishment. The man and his church have been a pain in the neck of residents of Ajao Estate, Isolo, Okota, and environs. If care is not taken, the residents would take the law into their hands.

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Godwin Ujoh(Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria)says...

The killer know himself

Solomon nagblo(Caldwell, Montserrado, Liberia)says...

AM suffering from stomach problem since 2000,so Bishop I want you to pray for me for this situation to come to an end

Edozele(Benin, Edo, Nigeria)says...

What is the meaning of my name zele full name is edozele

Ezinna(Owerri, Imo, Nigeria)says...

you are wrong. agu means tiger whilst lion means odum. it is only used for men who are brave and fearless. obi agu is supposed to mean tigers heart. this is why ibos say " odum na egbu agu" meaning lion kills tiger

Timothy Peter Oluwatomiwa(Ejigbo, Osun, Nigeria)says...

Come inside me