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You are our candidate, Igbo youths tell Odili

Posted by thephctelegraph on 2006/07/21 | Views: 499 |

You are our candidate, Igbo youths tell Odili

As the search for credible replacement for President Olusegun Obasanjo continues, more groups and associations from outside.....

As the search for credible replacement for President Olusegun Obasanjo continues, more groups and associations from outside the South-South Zone have continued to urge Governor Peter Odili to present himself for the 2007 Presidential election of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The latest are the Igbo Youths Grand Alliance (IYGA), and the National Committee of Yoruba Youths (NCYY) who paid separate solidarity visits to the Governor, at Government House Port Harcourt.

In their address, the National coordinator of the Igbo Youths Grand Alliance, Dr. Uchenna Uchehara said the organisation, an umbrella body for Igbo Youths, have watched with great interest and concern, the emerging political scenario in Nigeria, especially as regards to the forthcoming Presidential elections, and after discussing the inter-playing political variables, have unanimously endorsed the position of their elders in the Southern Forum and Southern Senators Forum, that the Presidency must remain in the Southern Nigeria, come 2007.
He hinted that the facts available are infallibly clear and transparently visible that the North had held power in Nigeria for 35 years out of 46 years of independence, and it will be unimaginably callous and insensitive for anybody to talk about power shift after only eight years, stressing that they condemn in strong terms the recent call for power shift back to the North in 2007.

The Igbo Youths said they have carefully looked at the credentials, qualities and capabilities of all the emerging presidential aspirants from the South-East and South-South zones, and "we have widely consulted among the rank and file of Igbo Youth Leadership, we have come to the unalloyed conclusion that Sir (Dr.) Peter Odili stands tall above other contenders for the presidency.
Based on that conviction, we the Youths of Igboland therefore humbly plead with your Excellency to accept the clarion call by millions of Nigerians to contest the forth coming Presidential elections. "We totally endorse your candidature for the 2007 Presidential election of the Federal Republic of Nigeria", Dr. Uchehara said.
Dr. Uchehara indicated that Dr. Odili has proven that he would be trusted with higher national assignment having transformed Rivers State to an enviable height in the provision of infrastructure and basic amenities.
According to the Youths, Dr. Odili has maintained a bright Political image, anchored on integrity, honesty, hard work and popular support, as well as national and international acceptance as best among his contemporaries, noting that he is a good market product that needs no extra effort to convince people.
The Igbo youths assured him that all the affiliate bodies of the organisation irrespective of party leanings shall join forces with him to ensure success at the presidential race, and handed over to him a solidarity flag to symbolize the group's support for his campaign when he accepts the call of Nigerians.
Similarly, the National President of National Committee of Yoruba Youths (NCYY) Mr. Odeyemi Oladimeji said his organisation was in Government House to affirm their support and endorse the governor as the most credible candidate to step into the shoes of President Obasanjo.
Mr. Oladimeji, remarked that they were joining millions of Nigerians to urge Dr. Odili to accept the responsibility of taking Nigeria to the promised land by making himself available to contest the 2007 Presidential election.

The Yoruba Youths described Governor Odili as a bridge builder, a peace maker, a leader with an uncommon vision and courage, dedicated, broad minded, God fearing and a detribalised Nigeria, whose record of achievement speaks eloquently for him.

Receiving the two groups separately, the Rivers State Governor, Dr. Peter Odili thanked them for the inspiring visit and for the kind words about his government's humble achievements in the state.

Governor Odili praised their courage for finding time to visit, and extended his hand of fellowship, while urging them to pray that God's will be done, as "He alone is the author and finisher of fate".

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