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10,000 Nigerians in UK prisons to be deported

Posted by By BEN OKEZIE, London on 2006/07/10 | Views: 1086 |

10,000 Nigerians in UK prisons to be deported

Nigerians residing in Britain who have been booked for alleged criminal activities may soon be deported....

Nigerians residing in Britain who have been booked for alleged criminal activities may soon be deported if moves at the parliament are anything to go by as they believe that this new stand on enforcing tougher laws on criminals will help sanitize the prisons.

According to a record released during the week in London by the Home Office, prisons in Britain has hit an all high population of over 80, 000 inmates in England and Wales, and blacks share over sixty percent of the inmates.

Although the exact figure of Nigerians held in British prisons were not immediately released, informed sources at the home office revealed, "We are yet to inform the Nigerian government but I can tell you we have over 10, 000 Nigerians in our prisons." He said that most times some of these criminals claim to be Ghanaians while the Ghanaians claim to be Nigerians. "We have sorted that out," he added.

According to the record released by the home office a total of 10,000 inmates are foreigners and many of them would soon be repatriated after diplomatic agreement with their home government.

Prisons situated at Belmarsh, Brixton, Wandsworth, Wormwood scrubs and Pentonville were said to have more inmates than their capacity or what the home office described as "operational capacity."

It described operational capacity as the total number of prisoners that a prison can accommodate without serious risk to good order, security and proper administration of the establishment.

A breakdown shows that prisons like Wandsworth is certified to hold 965 prisoners but has 1,492 while Pentonville normally accommodates 856 but now has 1,130 prisoners.

It was gathered that none of the 900 new prisons planned would be situated in London since the police has issued a statement that it as no longer ready to allow his cells for the reason of using them as flow over.

A comprehensive breakdown of the figures showed that there was 18,856 violence against a person.

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