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Actually translates to bravehearted.

When the waifish, dark skinned beauty Agbani Darego won the highly ">

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To Bare or Not to Bare!

Posted by Morenike Taire on 2006/06/25 | Views: 502 |

To Bare or Not to Bare!

When the waifish, dark skinned beauty Agbani Darego won the highly prestigious Miss World title five years ago, not a few Nigerians felt scandalized.....

When the waifish, dark skinned beauty Agbani Darego won the highly prestigious Miss World title five years ago, not a few Nigerians felt scandalized. Nigeria was  for the very first time reacting to an apparent imposition on us of western standards of beauty, which the charming Agbani symbolized, and a rash of debates had  boiled up about the issue.

Agbani was nonetheless listed in the Nigerian Women Hall of Fame alongside other Nigerian greats and firsts, and thus became a historical  ambassador. This might have informed the outrage that has greeted the now controversial World Food Programme partnered catwalk showing by the same lady, in  which she had worked with Deola Sagoe’s Odua originals. Agbani Darego had bared her torso, and her fans had not liked it.
Baring parts of the body by women has remained a controversial subject, yet both those for and against baring agree that it can be done tastefully or distastefully.

When not to bare
One of the greatest powers that a woman has is in her dressing. This can be translated to mean different things. For instance, women who believe in the use what you  have to get what you want philosophy believe just that, but this is not the philosophy being explored here. Quite on the contrary, women use what you have to get  what you want school make themselves far less powerful than they could be. Wearing a three foot slit, a mile size cleavage or a clingy outfit to the office or some other  forum at which you need to exert authority can have subordinates taking you less seriously; and let’s face it, it will distract the boss only for a few minutes, after which  he should be more interested in what you have to say. A serious yet trendy set of power clothes (suit, shoes, shirt) with a full, wee made up face will on the other hand  give the impression of a fashionable woman who knows what she wants, and will take no nonsense while she goes about getting it.

When to bare
On the catwalk, unless you’re a serious celebrity such as Agbani Darego. After catwalking (and not baring much, by the way) for a Nigerian international designer  some time ago, TV star Funmi Iyanda was quoted to have had mixed feelings about the aftermath. The more powerful a model is, the more choice she ought to have  about these things but if you’re just some up and coming model who needs to make an impact, by all means, bare.

When not to bare
On an occasion where some other woman is supposed to be the focus of attention. If you’re a chief bridesmaid for instance, baring all your assets would be insulting  to the bride and will be seen as an attempt to steal her thunder, unless of course she’s baring more than you are. At any event where you’re supposed to play second  fiddle to some other woman it would be distasteful to bare more than the celebrant.

When to bare
At an all girls’ affair. Hanging out with the girls, shopping or a day at the salon are perfect opportunities to let it all hang out, particularly if you’re wearing the outfit for  the first time. You can wow and whoa each other’s assets with no disrespectful male roving eye about- and actually get honest opinions.

When not to bare
Baring during the day, in general, is a dicey affair and must be done with caution. This is for obvious reasons. It would depend ultimately on the occasion, but keep it  to the back, arms, lower thighs and upper bust if you are going to be in a really large social circle or if you’re going to be walking down the street.

When to bare
When you have a really good bust, back, arms, tummy (when they’re in), backside, legs, whatever. If you have extraordinary legs for instance, who would not  understand if you always look for a clever way to bare them.