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I can charm any man with my face, says Caroline Ekanem

Posted by By EPHRAIM NWOSU on 2006/06/24 | Views: 707 |

I can charm any man with my face, says Caroline Ekanem

Nollywood star, Caroline Ekanem has disclosed why she waited till 2003 before having a boyfriend or having intimate affair with a man....

Nollywood star, Caroline Ekanem has disclosed why she waited till 2003 before having a boyfriend or having intimate affair with a man.

In a recent interview with Daily Sun, the beautiful actress, who was born to a Scottish father and a Nigerian mother stated that her strict Christian background was responsible for her sound moral life. She explained that as a teenager, she decided to wait until 2003 before having her first sexual experience with her man.

ďYou wonít believe that I had my first boyfriend as late as 2003,Ē revealed the University of Calabar undergraduate who declined comments on how old she was in 2003.

Success in Nollywood

With the help of God and people like my good friend, Rita Dominic, who is very close to my heart, hardwork and determination are some of the key factors that led to my stardom.

Coming into acting

I actually thought of being a super model but my height discouraged me. That explains why I opted to become an actress. In other words, I am not up to six feet, but I was a model before I became an actress.

Acting the role of a jilted lover

In each case, Iím not the scriptwriter. They just write the script and they notice that I will be fit for the character. My guys donít jilt me. Ironically, all my ex-boyfriends call me after parting. Itís the scriptwriterís experience and not mine.

Me and 2Face

I did not jilt him. We just parted. I didnít dump anybody and nobody dumped me. We were just not compatible, so we had to call it quits.

I canít precisely say. But I think it should be between 30 and 35 Ė having acted a lot of movies.

Most challenging movie
I have a lot of them. There are Missing Angel, The Twist and Deadly Case. There is no one in particular that stands out. All of them are challenging to me. However, the three movies I listed are the most controversial among all my works.

Sexual harassment

No producer, no director, no actor has ever harassed me sexually. The way you portray and showcase yourself is the way they will take you. I didnít just walk up to them as if I was hungry for it. I guess the way I portrayed myself scared everybody away from me.

My man

I am a one-man person. I donít date many guys because I donít want trouble. There is no time to satisfy too many boy friends. I like to have just one man so that there would be no stress. I have a boyfriend whom I love so much. I prefer keeping it secret.
I wish to protect him or, at least, keep him away from people because I want the relationship to last and I want it to be a happy one. I donít want my relationship to be the cynosure of all eyes. My boyfriend knows himself. He is a Nigerian football star based in Greece. It is left for you to guess who he is.

Have you ever been heart broken?

I am a human being. Yes, I have been previously heart broken. Not withstanding, Iíve learnt from my mistakes. Itís not as if I am so perfect in relationships, I also have my fault but Iíve learnt from it and I am trying to make amendments in my current relationship.

Acting nude?

There are so many ways to this. But the family I hail from will not tolerate that. My parents had previously been mad with me for posing in a magazine which picture was not appealing to them. I canít act nude for any amount of money. I am from a disciplined, God-fearing and royal family.

Most attractive part of my body

I think that my face is the most attractive part of me. I can charm and capture any man with it.

Nigerian movie industry

The industry is still growing. I think we are not yet there. We shall soon get there.

Between Nigerian men and their foreign counterparts

I prefer Nigerian guys. Nigerian guys are understanding and caring despite the fact that some girls say that they are cheats. Itís reciprocal. We are all guilty. Both men and women cheat on one another. We are all animals but of a higher class. Nigerian men are wonderful. I am proud to say they are real men.
On the part of the foreigners, their main shortcoming is that they are ready to insult women anywhere. Nigerian men have conscience more than them. They always look back to what you have done for them in the past and how much you love them. The white guys donít respect women.

Turn on

When lovely people are around me it makes me happy.

Turns off

I hate people who tell lies, people who are not trustworthy and when they cheat on me.

Previous relationships
I canít answer that question. Itís private to me.

First boyfriend

You wonít believe that I had my first boyfriend as late as 2003. This is because I lived with my grandmum in Calabar who was so strict that it was equally difficult for me to even have a girlfriend. Itís just of recent that she got to know who my current boyfriend is. All these years, I guess she didnít even know whether or not I had a boyfriend.

First sexual experience
Itís still fresh in my memory. It was on December 31st, 2003. Itís a date that will hardly erase from my memory. It was an experience which I will never forget in a hurry. It wasnít as if it was a fantastic feeling because I didnít really enjoy the fun. Nevertheless it was still okay.
What message do you have for your fans?
I just want to let them know that I love them. I will not relent on doing my best to make them happy. I have a lot for them in 2006.

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