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How the devil used me, by evangelist

Posted by By GODDY OSUJI, Enugu on 2006/06/01 | Views: 804 |

How the devil used me, by evangelist

Evangelist Divine Osondu Ike, a member of Charismatic Movement of the Catholic Church in Enugu, wielded enormous powers that raised eyebows.

Evangelist Divine Osondu Ike, a member of Charismatic Movement of the Catholic Church in Enugu, wielded enormous powers that raised eyebows.

He was dis-fellowshipped, a decision that prompted him to go solo. Incidentally, because of Osondu’s power, his home became a Mecca of sort for those seeking one spiritual help or the other.

According to him, “I traveled far and wide delivering people from demonic influences in the exercise of the powers God bestowed upon me.

“I destroyed charms and prayed for the sick people, who received immediate healing that made me to travel to so many places within Enugu and Anambra states for family deliverance and the Lord was faithful”.

But Osondu, 29, a trader at the Ogbette Main Market, Enugu, could no longer control the gift given to him. As he confessed, “I became the devil’s workshop”.
Having abandoned the way of God, he chose instead to serve the devil since he could not achieve his ambition of becoming a worldwide preacher. “ The devil started telling me that God was late. My part time business as a building material trader started to dwindle. I started to think how I could make it big in life and people suggested to me to consult certain spirits and oracles, probably to become rich.

They suggested places I should go to acquire powers that were unknown to me. However, I found it difficult to be convinced and get myself involved in that kind of practice. In the midst of the confusion I became frustrated which led me to live a bad life, smoking, womanising and other immoral acts, to the extent that when I wanted to travel I consulted the devil to lead me. I started telling people that God no longer existed. They were astonished and wondered why I, who preached the word of God, could start preaching about devil”, Osondu said.

The Okigwe, Imo State indigene told Daily Sun that he became aware that God still needed his services when, “He revealed himself to me and told me that he was going to use me as a hedge in my family which, before I backslided, was enjoying God’s prosperity. When it became obvious that the devil was using me, problems came from all corners, sickness in the family and my business started to crumble. Many men of God started professing to me that the Lord had something in stock for me, but I was overwhelmed by the devil.

“However, it was when the problem became unbearable that I decided to answer the call, since I had the call of evangelism to save my family from further punishment.”
Osondu, who has started his life afresh, preaching the word of God was full of praise to God as according to him, he felt, “like crying for joy and for peace that passes all understanding”. He confessed that his business has picked up and “the Lord has told me to go and pray for my sick father so that he will be healed.

Though I have not traveled to the village where he is, I believe that whenever I go and pray for him, he will be healed. It is because of this situation and the miracle God has done for me that I decided to share my experience with people through Dail Sun newspaper.

“ I learnt many lessons which made me to know that it is dangerous to backslide and even listen to the devil. There is a saying that if you give the devil a ride, he will like to handle the steering. I tried to give him a ride, before I knew what was happening, he took over the steering and drove me to places he liked.”

The evangelist advised that since “we are in the last generation, the devil is fighting hard to destroy souls. If we will be faithful to God and seek His ways and answer His call, we will make heaven”.

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