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DEVIL INCARNATE: Kills brother and wife, attempt to kill another brother

Posted by By CHUKS ONUOHA, Umuahia on 2006/06/01 | Views: 681 |

DEVIL INCARNATE: Kills brother and wife, attempt to kill another brother

When the bodies of a couple, Bonny and Ngozi Okenwa Anyalewechi Nwagbara, were discovered in thier home, many theories were propounded as the cause of their death. Some said they committed suicide, while others believed they were poisoned.

When the bodies of a couple, Bonny and Ngozi Okenwa Anyalewechi Nwagbara, were discovered in thier home, many theories were propounded as the cause of their death. Some said they committed suicide, while others believed they were poisoned.

Others however said they were killed spiritually. The latter theory has proved to be true as another brother of the deceased man almost died same way and he accused yet another brother of being responsible for the evil acts.

Ugochukwu, the youngest of the family, who resides in Lagos told the story of what happened.

"When I came back, this brother had already sold two-tipper load of sand our late brother bought for the repairs of his house. He told me that he wanted us to sell the vehicles and that he had gotten buyers for them.

"He told me that we should sell off all the property and share the proceeds. I told him that it was not everything in the house that we should sell, that we should leave things like electronics and be using them anytime the need arises. He said no, that we must sell everything and that I should remember that he was now in charge and that I should take orders from him. Somehow, we had a disagreement.
"That night after eating, I went to bed with one of my friends. In the morning, my friend woke up before me and left the room. As I lay down on the bed it was as if something started draining my strength. I tried so much to get back my strength but I could not. I was just dying.

"My friend was calling me from the window and I was hearing him but could not respond. I think some thing prompted him and he entered the room and saw me drying. I made a sign to him that he should help me out of the room and he called some other person and they and took me to my elder sister’s place.
"Immediately my sister saw me, she went into prayer. It was not long I started regaining my strength. At the end, I was okay and my sister told me that she wanted to warn me to beware of our brother, that his style of living was strange.

"The man is my immediate elder brother. He is a tailor and I helped to buy some of the machines for him. He is about 38 years of age. His life style created problem between him and our late brother Okenwa. He once bore witness over a land dispute against our elder brother and as a result of that, our brother was not in good terms with him.

For the past 10 years, they have not been talking to each other.
"I think my late brother knew that the other brother was after his life because there was a time he threatened to drive him away from the house, but I intervened and pleaded with him. If I knew that he was evil I would have supported my brother to drive him away. He told me that he had caught him severally invoking the spirit of ancestors to kill him as well as making other rituals and incantations.
"He belongs to a cult which does not shave bears and they call it church. He has four kids but refuses to put any of them in school and when I asked him the reason for this, he asked me whether Jesus went to any school.

"When our elder brother died, I did not suspect him because I did not believe that a brother would want to take the life of his own blood brother no matter how much he hated him.
"When I came back, I went straight to the grave of my brother and his wife and noticed that it had been tampered with and I asked him and he told me that it was the flood. Even though I did not see how flood could have opened the two graves to the extent that the two coffins were seen, I just kept quiet. I later heard that he opened the grave to chain my brother and his wife whom he told somebody that they were always coming to disturb him. I wondered why they should be after him if he had no hand in their death.
"When I decided to find out what attacked me that morning I went to one of our relations to relate my experience to him.

As I came back from there, my brother called me and asked me why I was walking to & fro and that it was what our brother did and died and that I would die the same way if I didn’t take time. I became apprehensive and told him that we had to find out what killed our brother and that we were going to Ohafia that morning. The day I had the attack I went to a native doctor at Ohafia and he told me that it was him who wanted to kill me the way he killed my brother and his wife. I could not believe it.

"I usually hear that people will come to the village and die and it almost happened to me. That aroused my suspicion and I wanted to find out what actually happened to me. The native doctor told me that I had just lost a brother and his wife and that another brother was behind their death. He told me that he belongs to a strong cult that believes in wickedness and that if he refuses to confess I should bring him so that he would tell him to his face that he was the one responsible.

"He warned me that it would not be easy to convince him to come and indeed it was not.
“When I came back and informed him, he said that he was not going. With the help of the youths whom I had already told what was happening, he was forced to go. When we got there, the native doctor asked my brother why he killed our elder brother and the wife and also wanted to kill me. He could not offer any defence. When we came out, he started arguing that he did not know where we brought him and does not believe in what the man said. We then took him to two other places and the native doctors told him the same thing. The native doctor told the youths what to do to destroy his diabolical power and it was done.

"On Sunday of that week, he left home and came back on Tuesday. When he came back, he threatened that he was going to deal with us. He stormed out of the house and has not been seen ever since.
"Meanwhile, the native doctor told us that if he refuses to confess and repent, he would either die or loose his senses (go mad). I am convinced that he is the one that killed my brother and his wife and attempted to eliminate me so that he would take over everything in the family."
Daily Sun gathered that convinced that the accused killed the couple, youths of their village destroyed his shop in Umuahia.

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I want the meaning of female owan name Ekeke (Edo state)

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Authority belongs to God, once He decrees it is final and binding

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Your meaning of Osamede is wrong. Osamede means God has given me a crown