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TERROR FROM INDIA..Indian master deals with Nigerian maid

Posted by By MATTHEW DIKE on 2006/02/16 | Views: 2825 |

TERROR FROM INDIA..Indian master deals with Nigerian maid

An Indian man appears to have struck terror into a Nigerian widow, who was his housemaid.

An Indian man appears to have struck terror into a Nigerian widow, who was his housemaid.

Following a misunderstanding between the master and the maid, the Indian simply identified as Mr. Murha allegedly ordered his guard, a Niger Republic national to beat up the 26-year-old mother of two, Regina Idoko, who thereafter landed in an hospital.

Speaking on her sick bed at Bismo Hospital, Regina told Daily Sun: “It was God that saved me from Murha and the security guard. They wanted to kill me”.

Mr. Murha, a staffer of Sunplast Nigeria Ltd. Lagos, had employed Regina allegedly on the bill of the company to assist him in domestic work in his house and she was given a room in the boy’s quarters.

Regina was doing that for a year and three months before problem reared its head. She said that her master, Murha short-paid her Christmas bonus. He released only N5,000.

Her effrontery to demand the balance, Regina alleged, earned her a sack about the end of December. Since then she has been demanding her December salary from Murha, who kept on procrastinating until she vowed to collect both salary and pay-off on a fixed day by her master.
One morning Regina came back from a vigil and went straight home where she met Murha about to go to work.

According to her, she humbly asked for her money, but the Indian told her there was no money and had attempted to enter his car, when she held the door.

Murha beckoned to one of the security guards identified as Mukaila, whom he ordered to throw Regina out of the compound. But Mukaila did not only lift her up but slammed her head on the ground.
According to Regina, Mukaila turned her into a punching bag on the floor while the Indian fed his eyes. Mukaila later dragged her like a log out of the compound. She sustained severe head injury and a broken leg.
Regina was in a pool of her own blood as sympathizers watched her from a distance because Mukaila allegedly stopped them from assisting her.

Somebody called Regina’s sister who rushed down to carry her to a private hospital where she was rejected. She was taken to General Hospital, Ikeja, where they were allegedly told there was no vacant bed before she was taken to Bismo Hospital, one of the hospitals used by staff of Sunplasts Nigeria Ltd.
While at the hospital, Regina said there was an attempt on her life, one midnight. She was the only patient in the hospital and her brother was with her.

The nurse on duty was asleep while the doctor, Canaan, was busy when an unidentified man sneaked into the hospital which has only one entrance which the nurse said was locked. The strange man was said to be opening every door of the wards, when Regina’s brother got up. Immediately he got to the last ward where the patient was, her brother confronted him, demanding to know who he was.

The man said he was looking for where to sleep. When asked if he was a staffer or patient of the hospital, he said no. At that juncture, Gabriel Olaidoko lodged a complaint with the nurse. An argument ensued and the noise attracted Dr. Canaan who came out to know what the problem was. Having heard from the man who sneaked in mysteriously at midnight, he told him to leave.
Regina’s family member, Emma Edache, believed it was a plan to kill the girl so as to rope the family in a murder rap.The Medical Director of Bismo Hospital, Dr. Moses Adedoyin, did not deny the fact that a strange man sneaked into the hospital at midnight moving from ward to ward.

He said: “It has never happened like this before, because on this road, both OPC and police disturb people at that time of the night. Maybe he was running from being arrested by them for wandering”.
The security guard, who unleashed terror on Regina, was said to have been arrested and taken to the Ilupeju police station. All efforts made to see Mr. Murha both at his office and residence proved abortive.

Daily Sun was told that he was not available. And at home, a security guard called Useni first said he had packed out of the place a month ago. Later, he said nobody like that ever lived there.
Meanwhile, the case has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID).

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