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Tattoos can be very sexy—Ayo Adesanya Hassan

Posted by Yemisi Abah on 2006/02/04 | Views: 1450 |

Tattoos can be very sexy—Ayo Adesanya Hassan

Ayo Adesanya Hassan came into the movie scene in the nineties with her bit role in the Soap Opra Palace. But it was her roles in the two movies Out Of Bounds and Most Wanted that earned her real notice.

Ayo Adesanya Hassan came into the movie scene in the nineties with her bit role in the Soap Opra Palace. But it was her roles in the two movies Out Of Bounds and Most Wanted that earned her real notice. Inspired by her Yoruba movie producer husband Omogoriola Hassan, Ayo recently veered into the Yoruba movie scene as an actress and movie producer, and has produced a few Yoruba movies, the latest movie titled Emo set for release soon.
The Language and Communication Arts graduate of the University of Ibadan and mother of one, says she is living her dream as an actress and producer.
We met at her Surulere residence where we had this chat.

How difficult or easy is it for you to interpret your roles?

It wasn’t that difficult, all I wanted to do was do it and do it well. I wouldn’t say I knew it all, whatever correction that came from the director I took to it. And I always tell people that no matter what they are doing, they should watch and listen and make additional contributions too, that helps. And they’ll definitely get what they are doing right.
Personal style.

I actually create my style. I wear things that suit me. Though I am a jeans person, I’ve always worn jeans, even when I was in the University and till now I still do. I wear dressy jeans and smart tops.

How do you dress for occasions?

It depends on where I am going really, if I am going out for a function, I don’t necessarily have to wear jeans except a dressy jeans that you can actually wear out. I don’t really like native wears, I find it difficult to wear them. I like mini skirts a lot (laughs). Actually my husband says it’s one of the things I wear that really suit me. He likes me wearing them no matter how short. I have a lot of skimpy things even shorts, it depends on where I am going.

What is your preference for jewelry?

I like gold but, I get tired of the same style all the time. So I wear beads too, sometimes I rebuild them to suit my taste.
What is the attraction for the tattoo on your upper arm?
Maybe I am just a copy cat, my husband has lots of tatoo all over his body. So when I had my baby in America, I told him I wanted a tattoo like his, he agreed. And that was it, it was painful though, I would say it was a painful sweet sensation.

What do you like about it?

Tattoos can be very sexy. It depends on the style. But I find it very sexy.

You are not wearing make-up or do you do that only on set?

No, I do wear make-up, even if I don’t wear anything I wear eye liner because I have big eyeballs, so I try to enhance them. I am not wearing make-up today because I had to rush out of the house. But I make sure I wear my eyeliner, lip gloss and my lipstick. I hardly wear foundation except when I’m on location.

Beauty indulgence?

I do a lot of mud work on myself. I try as much as possible to make my skin look good. I take time off once in a while to pamper my skin.

Best feature on your body?

I would say my face. Now I’m looking so ordinary but, when I put on my eyeliner, I look totally different. My eye lashes make me look different all the time, once I line them, they talk on their on.

What’s your choice of fragrance?

My husband is so much into perfumes, I can say that goes for me too, I use diffident types. Now there is Kenzo for women, I particular like that, that’s the one I’m using right now. There’s Provocateur, I like that also.

Best designers?

Maybe when I was in school yes, but not any more because some things come out and they are not brand-names and they are really nice. I am not a stickler for designers.

Most cherished fashion item?

Bags. I have some crazy bags that are like human beings, I go crazy for them. Most of the time my husband picks them, he knows what I really like, he’s a fashion buff.

And I am sure that rubs off on you?

Yes, it does sometimes, he comes out looking like a model and I say to myself, ‘I really need to do something to look like a model myself.’

Any style idol?

Maybe my husband. He takes care of all his things from his hair to his clothing, he takes care of everything. He’s like a woman.

How do you relax?

I am a television person, I just sit at home to be entertained. I watch a lot of movies.
If you are not watching movies, where do you hang out?
I go to the club.
Where is your best spot?

Extreme. I was there with my husband last Christmas, it was really fun. Sometimes we just drive by the beach. Or we could go to our home town in Ijebu for sight-seeing or go for horse ridding.

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