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Things that keep you young

Posted by Remi Diagbare on 2006/02/04 | Views: 580 |

Things that keep you young

As we grow older, the need for self-preservation is of paramount importance. Why do some people look graceful, as they grow old, while others look years older than their biological age? Looking good is no magic; it takes tremendous effort and time to package oneself in a way that looks pleasant to every beholding eye.

As we grow older, the need for self-preservation is of paramount importance. Why do some people look graceful, as they grow old, while others look years older than their biological age? Looking good is no magic; it takes tremendous effort and time to package oneself in a way that looks pleasant to every beholding eye. You begin to age from the day you were born. This is because your cells begin to divide from the day life begins. The difference is that while you were young, the rate of your cell regeneration is faster but begins to gradually slow down, as you grow older. The slower your cell division, the older you are. There are several theories on aging and even more on how to combat or slow it down. There are also scientific theories on how life can be extended beyond 120, while some have gone so far as seeking solution to immortality. I doubt if that will ever be found (read allure tomorrow on some theories)

Aging is a natural phenomenon we should all look forward to, as it will come inevitably, that is, if other incidence of life does not claim us first. Although, aging is inevitable, we donít have to look the part simply because, the clock tells you, you are so and so age. There is a world of difference between your biological age and chronological age. Chronological age is the age you look, while biological as, the word implies is your real age. Those who look chronologically younger are those who made up their mind not to succumb to the depilating attack of aging and so have set up for themselves a defense mechanism to hold back the years. I have several people, male and female who have taken guard of their cells and the battle has been well worth the effort.

A professor and a pastor friend in his 60ís, does an hour jog every day. I saw him a few days ago in shorts and sleeveless T-shirt looking like an undergraduate. He says to me that he has decided to turn vegetarian, meaning he will no more eat meat or any animal protein, including poultry. Where will you get your protein, I asked. ďFrom beansĒ was his quick answer. I reminded him that beans alone couldnít give him all the 31 amino acids from animal protein his body needs. Prof. is an avid consumer of vitamins supplements of which he reminded me. At that point I gave up, while those around him are still alarmed. Total abstinence will be risky; at least, some protein from poultry is more beneficial than an outright abstinence. He has been at it now for a week; we will see was his final response. Profís passion for chronological aging is understood and advocated for everyone. But it takes discipline and a passion to look as young as you possibly can. To maintain the strict regimen for chronological age. Do you have that passion?
Below, are a few of the things that keep you young.


The no 1 key to looking young is exercise. If you donít exercise there is no magic portion or formula that will stop you from aging fast. And, not only will you age fast, the disease of age will catch up. Things like arthritis, diabetics etc. Without exercise, your muscle will become slack in other words it will become flabby and there is every tendency that you will be overweight. With exercise you can keep your weight within limits. That is a weight that is appropriate to your height. The difference is what is known as BMI Body Mass Index, (more of that in subsequent edition.) your exercise routine doesnít have to be as strenuous as one-hour jog six days a week. All you need is any activity that will keep your heart rate faster than its resting position for at least 30 minutes. You could take a bask walk three days a week. You could run/walk up your staircase. But if you can make out the time, go to a gym.

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet is also essential. You must eat a balanced diet, one that is packed with lots of vegetables and fruits. You need to reduce drastically fatty foods, in fact, the ideal thing is to eat low fat foods and use olive oil in cooking. Olive oil is expensive but the best type of oil for cooking and salads. Itís healthy for the heart and helps to eliminate cholesterol from the blood. Not only is your diet important, but also the time of day you eat. Many of us eat till late in the night, which is a sin against your body. You should eat your last meal before 8 p.m. Although experts recommend you eat your dinner before 7. This may be difficult for those who like to entertain and be entertained. Nevertheless, since it is not a daily affair, when not entertaining, stick to the timetable.

Take your Vitamins

Since the famous story of how vitamin C was used to cure sailors of Scurvy. Vitamin supplements have become panacea for cells and regeneration. There is a vitamin to aid every part of the body, from mega doses to just the one daily multivitamins capsules, you need vitamins to supply all necessary nutrients, as well as safeguard for your system. There are three main vitamins that keep you young, none as anti-oxidants; these vitamins must be taken along with others to keep you young.

Relaxation and well being

All work and no play do not only make jack a dull boy but also makes him a fatigue young man. We all need relaxation; perhaps, this is why annual leave is a mandatory time for workers to take time off. Unfortunately, leave time, more often than not, is sacrifice for private business. We really need to take time off to get rested. You need time off even in your daily routine to be still for ten to fifteen minutes. Go out at weekends, watch a movie, go to the beach. Do something out of your regular routine. For those who can afford it, visit any of the spas for a massage and Sunna treatment. Throw in a facial and pedicure/manicure to soothe. At least a monthly spa visit is recommended, although, the ideal would be weekly. For the women, invest in a good anti aging moisturizer. Go for day and night creams and use cleansers/turner instead of soap.

Brain activity

As much as physical activity, brain activity is also very important. You shouldnít let your brain go to sleep, read regularly and do challenging things that will task your brain.


It doesnít matter how old you are. Your style caps the youth allow. The way you dress places you in a bracket. If you dress young you will look young, if you dress like grandma or aunty dress that is exactly how you look. In addition to your dressing, your hairstyles and total comportment all add up or reduce from your age. Itís entirely up to you.

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