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How I cope with politcs and the pulpit

Posted by By Yetunde Oladeinde on 2005/11/20 | Views: 3909 |

How I cope with politcs and the pulpit

The Akute branch of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was inaugurated in November, 1988.

The Akute branch of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was inaugurated in November, 1988. Today, one of the pioneer members, Most Senior Evangelist Lawrence A. Adebayo, is in the saddle as chairman of the organisation. You met him during his induction ceremony recently and he took you down memory lane talking about the challenges at the beginning, their achievements and how the organisation intends to transform the lives of its members and the community.

How we started
It was very hectic bringing people together then. At the inception, we had S.S Oduntan as the first chairman, Akute CAN, for about five years because he served two terms of three years each. I was an ex-officio member during his first term and became vice chairman during his second term in office.

The problem we had then was how to harmonise the clerics and the different denominations. The doctrine was not the same and our objective was to achieve peace in the area. How do you tell a redeemer to come and worship in a celestial or C and S church and so on. The churches started as one but like I said, we had some constraints. But today, things have really changed. There is unity and we do not place emphasis on denominations again.

It is a natural thing if you have the call. You see, it is a Christian assignment and the idea is to come together as one. It is meant to install unity and preach the doctrine of Christ. By the time the proper doctrine is preached, hooliganism, occultism and other vices would be a thing of the past. It would foster unity in Christendom. And in this area we have evangelism and crusades in mind. For the progress of this area our intention is to acquire a secretariat for office.

Prayer routine
The only book I read most is the Bible. It is the Encyclopaedia of Christendom. I also have fasting and keep vigils. You cannot receive much except you fast and pray. I have a period when I fast for a week. There are times I go continuously for about 40 days. I put all my trust and confidence in the Lord.

Memorable moments as a minister of God
God says all days are the same and I would say that the Lord has been good to me. I have given everything to God and he directs all my affairs. In 1972, I was ordained as a pastor in the CAC. I started at the CAC but my parents were from the Anglican Church. But you see God has a way of using people.
In my youth days I moved to the CAC but in 1976, I got a call to join the celestial church and since then I have had no regrets. In 1974, I became a full-fledged clergyman and later became a senior evangelist. Life as a Minister of God makes you different from others. You are not free to do those things that others are doing.

Relationship with God
The most memorable moment of my life was the day I was anointed as a clergyman in the celestial church. When someone is about to relate with God the best way is to submit your life totally. He has a way of leading his disciples. If you obey Him and follow His ways God would guide you and there would not be any regret. Serving God properly does not mean that you would be problem free. But he would give you energy and the way out.

Experience in politics
I am also a politician. Why I went into politics was because CAN said we should allow men of God to take control of governance. The experience was a very terrible one at a point. To serve people entails a lot of sacrifice. You see them mocking you, you can't believe some of the things you see but you have to continue because those ordained in the Bible like Moses had persecutions and a lot of blackmail. If you allow that to affect you then you would not be able to serve.
During the UPN days I was the organising secretary for Ikeja constituency of Lagos State. Then I came to Ogun State and was elected counselor of Agbado ward that now comprises of four wards under Ifo Local Government.
I aspired, as a candidate of Ifo South when we thought it would be created. Now, I am the Supervisor for Medical and Health, Ifo Local Government. It involves supervising the health department of the LGA and monitoring the cleanliness of the environment.

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