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There'll be bloodshed in the country, if...

Posted by By Chimex Ndubuisi on 2005/01/19 | Views: 345 |

There'll be bloodshed in the country, if...

As 2007 draws nearer, politicians have been told to see themselves as one entity, love one another and embrace dialogue the only options to avoid bloodshed in the country.

As 2007 draws nearer, politicians have been told to see themselves as one entity, love one another and embrace dialogue the only options to avoid bloodshed in the country.

In an interview with the Telegraph at his palace in Port Harcourt, the Rumueme youths president, Mr. King Tony Gboms disclosed that the country would witness a lot of bloodshed before the 2007 general elections, but the only way according to him it would be prevented by doing things in a right channel other than wrong channels.

"I foresee bloodshed in the country before our general elections. But it is now left for our politicians to meditate, talk to one another and believe that everybody is a winner even if such a person loses. Politicians should also remember that positions does not finish in the world", he said.

Mr. King Gboms warned those who harbour evil in their minds to turn a new leaf and to remember that any one, who kills, would not be spared no matter how long it takes.

The King and choice of the people in the state as he is known, pleaded with the state to eschew evil, power tussles and violence in order to have a brighter future for the people.

On the issue of cultists trying to re-group in the state, Mr. King who is also the chairman, Land and Housing in Rumueme Kingdom, hinted that cultists were not trying to re-group or launch any attack, but they were trying to have understanding among themselves.

According to him, "I don't think that there will be any attack by cultists. If you kill, do you know who is coming after you to kill? If they think that giving them money will solve their problems, then so be it. But where l am against them is after giving them money, they will go out in the street causing havoc because I believe that there will be job opportunities this year", he stated.

The Rumueme youth boss frowned at the level in which one Mr. Nduka wanted to use force to install himself without the power and authority of the council of the kingdom. He described it as barbaric and uncalled for the manner in which the man in question went with some people and took away some property and document belonging to the community and also to bring division.

On whether the Apiti of Rumueme kingdom, Nye-nwe eli O.N. Nsirim (MON) has commented on the matter, he hinted that he is the eye of Apiti because according to him, when he speaks, Apitii has spoken.

The choice of the people opined that since he has not taken power of his own to intimidate or cheat people because of the trust his people have on him, he would continue to make things different and to adopt peace in the kingdom.

He urged the Rumueme kingdom to be law-abiding, work in hand with the elders of the community and the state government, pleading with the companies to improve on what they have been doing in the various communities. "Let my people have focus, remain calm and eschew violence and be reasonable, because the sky would be their limit", he concluded.

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