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Embassy confirms death of Two Nigerians in Tsunami

Posted by From Laolu Akande, New York on 2005/01/18 | Views: 422 |

Embassy confirms death of Two Nigerians in Tsunami

AS Nigerians in the United States (U.S) raise funds for survivors of the Tsunami tragedy in South East Asia, the country's embassy in Bangkok, has confirmed that two Nigerians died in the incident.

AS Nigerians in the United States (U.S) raise funds for survivors of the Tsunami tragedy in South East Asia, the country's embassy in Bangkok, has confirmed that two Nigerians died in the incident.

Although the identities of the victim be established, the Embassy said that a Nigerian male from Edo State married to a Thai lady and his daughter were killed in the world's worst earthquarke in modern times.

Churches, Internet groups are among the groups of Nigerians leading in the effort to show the compassion of the Nigerians in Diaspora to from African countries including Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Kenya.

A news report on the Internet quoted a source from the Nigerian diplomatic mission in Thailand that confirming that at least two Nigerians died in the sunami which death toll is put at over 150,000The incident occurred on December 26, last year.

The report said an official of the Nigerian Embassy in Bangkok told journalists that an un-named Nigerian male from Edo State, married to a Thai woman , and his young daughter were killed in the disaster

Nigerian churches, in the U.S havew been of whom have been taking special offering since the tragedy occurred to assist the victims. For instance the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which is about the largest Nigerian denomination about 210 parishes in thebr U.S. In a statement sent to all the Branches by Pastor James Fadele, the nofficial representative of the General Overseer Pastor Enoch Adeboye, drew the attention of all members to the disaster.

Similarly, Nigerians on an Internet discussion group called Naijapolitics Forum on have also been raising money to send to the victims. The forum has ove, 1000 Nigerian commentators, one of whom started the idea of raising the money. Mr. Wilson Iguade, a Nigerian small business owner and realtor based in Dallas, Texas is leading the move on the Internet forum. According to Iguade, the Forum had chosen to dedicate the entire month of January to raising funds among its members to help the Tsunami victims. As at press time, he told The Guardian pledges of $1460, part paid, has been made.

In a message to the members of the forum, Iguade said that "we can do better! I believe that we can. Giving to charity is very good for your soul and heart. Help make this world a better place."

He said funds raised from the forum would be sent to the International red cross, with specific request that the money be used to assist african survivors and victims. In the alternative, he said Nigerians could also donate directly to the red cross.

According to Fadele, who is the chairman of the Board of Co-ordinators of the RCCG in the Americas, "I presume we are all aware of the unfortunate disaster that occurred in the Eastern region late last year, which affected several countries, such as Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Somalia, etc."

Noting that the reports on death toll and other consequences "are very devastating, " Fadele, a former top design engineer at Ford Motor Company, observed that "as Jesus remarked in Luke 13:4, we cannot say that these ones are sinners because they suffered such things. My prayer is that the Lord grants the affected families the fortitude to bear the loss."

He the churches in America to swing into action and help the tsunamiThe cleric, he said: "At times like this, we have to rise up to the occasion to support the course of humanity. People don 't care how much we know until they know how much we care."

He added that sending cash was the best way based on the needed on the ground in southeast Asian countries affected. "Hence, I am calling on every parish to send a love offering in support of the Tsunami crisis victims, "

Some officials of the church told The Guardian that the church had been receiving responses from their parishes in raised. The Guardian that the RCCG plans to send the money through the USAID. The church has also urged that calls to donate should be made to African Missions unit of the RCCG on 301 588 8180.

In a chat with The Guardian, Pastor Fadele, the Chairman of the Coordinators said every penny raised by the church would be sent to the victims "There would be no administrative cost deducted,." that the church would use the existing humanitarian structures of its African Missions,.

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