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How robbers fazed 2FACE

Posted by by Biodun Kupoluyi on 2005/01/18 | Views: 1269 |

How robbers fazed 2FACE

Hip-hop star, 2FACE Idibia, who suffered a broken neck following armed robbery attack in his Festac home in Lagos in the early hours of last Wednesday, is fast recuperating.

Hip-hop star, 2FACE Idibia, who suffered a broken neck following armed robbery attack in his Festac home in Lagos in the early hours of last Wednesday, is fast recuperating.

The earliest sympathisers last Wednesday were President of Kennis Music, Keke Ogungbe and his younger brother, Idowu. Keke in a chat with Artsalive has promised to ensure that 2FACE and his brothers relocate to a more conducive and safe community.

“I am very much concerned about his security. We will ensure he moves away from that area. His life is very important. We thank God that he is responding to treatment and welcoming friends and sympathisers. He is in high spirit.”

The result of the x-ray, according to Keke Ogungbe showed his neck only suffered a spasm and not broken. Colleague, Tony Tetuila, according to hospital sources has been there twice, to lift up 2FACE’s spirit. Following reports in the media, fans, especially girls, have been besieging the façade of Cedar Group Hospital, FESTAC, Lagos, to catch a glimpse of the attacked music star.

The attack, which left other members of the household- 2FACE’s elder brother, Steve, his friend, Sylvanus Edeh and John Agan, one half of the group, NATIVES with machete cuts in the head and arm, respectively, lasted an hour. Still on the critical list are Steve, who was hit in the chest, David who suffered a matchet cut in the head and John Agan that x-ray showed has a broken arm and now carries a Plaster of Paris (P.O.P)

The robbers, according to 2FACE’s younger brother, Hyacinth Idibia, numbered 10, were violent and dirty looking. The bandits, he disclosed, broke walls, rooftops and windows to gain access to their flats.

“They woke us up with deafening gun shots. They could not gain access easily, so we were throwing bottles at them to scare them away but they were desperate. They told us that soon they would get to us. We were six in the flat, all boys. We started making phone calls but the network was bad. They broke into the flat on the ground floor from where they broke the wall to the staircase that they climbed to the first floor. When they eventually got to the security gate leading to our flat, they broke the roof, from where they jumped into our veranda. They threatened us to open the door but we did not.

They suddenly brought their sledgehammers and battle-axe, which they used to break the window’s security and gained access to the flat. They jumped in one after another. As soon as they came, they started beating us, using their hammers, pointing guns at us.

“They asked us, Wey the money? Wey the money? Bring the money. Bring the money. Who get the motor? Wey the key to the motor?” (Referring to 2FACE’s Lincoln Navigator.)

The robbers, according to Hyacinth, disregarded 2FACE’s popularity, as he was manhandled, frisked and his bedroom turned upside down in their desperate search for money. The robbers, according to Godwin, took away a large amount of money including handsets.

“The guys no send 2FACE. They did not want to know anybody. They were just beating everyone. 2FACE was hit in the neck with battering ram and they made away with a large amount of money from his bedroom. They used their machetes freely and made away with our handsets.”

Reprieve however came from a neighbour whose burglar alarm system blared and scared the robbers who quickly took to their heels. The robbers, according to residents, held a banker hostage in their bid to escape. The frantic hunt in the neighbourhood for the robbers, according to residents, has led to the arrest of six suspects, reported to be in the custody of a police station in FESTAC Town.

As at 6.45 A.M when Artsalives visited the hospital on Wednesday, Kennis Music executives, Kenny Ogungbe and his younger brother, Idowu Ogungbe were discussing with the management of the hospital who requested an initial deposit of N100, 000 per patient before adequate treatment. The sum of N250, 000, was however deposited. Keke, in an interview with Artsalives promised that he would ensure 2FACE and his brother and friends are given adequate medical care and support to enable him return to his career after a deserved rest. “This will not stop him from pursuing his career.

“However, he will take a deserved rest. This also tells us that no amount is too much to be spared for security. His security is very important.”

Sunday Punch, January 16, 2005

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