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Bailiffs in trouble over fake ejection order

Posted by By JULIANA FRANCIS on 2005/01/13 | Views: 318 |

Bailiffs in trouble over fake ejection order

The plan of some men at the Ikeja area of Lagos to use forged court injunction and eject a tenant went awry when the victim smelt a rat and alerted the police.

The plan of some men at the Ikeja area of Lagos to use forged court injunction and eject a tenant went awry when the victim smelt a rat and alerted the police.

Caught at the centre of the storm is a lawyer identified as Kingsley. Three of the suspects, Abiodun Okunleye, Ademola Adeyolu and Sola Adegboye claimed that it was Kingsley who gave them the document with instructions to effect it immediately.

The lawyer, however, denied knowing anything about the document. He said he was shocked at the allegation of the men against him. The suspects for long have been pretending to be court bailiffs at the Ikeja High Court. The event of November 26, 2004 put paid to their clever scheme.

According to Okuneye, his friends told him that he would go with them to execute a job at Harmony Estate, in Ogba. He said: "It was Demola who told me about the job. We were five in number. It is only Demola and Sola that I know among those that went to execute the job.

The other faces were strangers to me. I never knew the document was fake. When we got to the place, Mr. Sunday came out. He is the person we were supposed to eject. He started asking several questions. I asked him if he didnít see the judgement." Okuneye said he was baffled when he saw his friends running away for no reason. He claimed Sunday, with some men had accused him of being a fraud. He was handed over to members of the Oodua Peoples Congress,( OPC) who allegedly tied his hands and legs with charms before he was rescued by policemen.

Sunday told Daily Sun that he knew the plans of the lawyer and the men because he had an informant who was always in the midst of the suspects. Sunday said: "Everything my informant told me had never been wrong." He explained that one Hendrix Oseghahe had been troubling him to move out of the flat. "He said my landlord owes him some money and had directed him from overseas to tell me to move out, because he had special need for the flat. I told him I would not leave until I hear from my landlord. Itís not as if I was owing. He even showed me some papers. Iím very sure my landlord might not even be aware that this man was trying to gain control of his house."

To be ready for any trick Oseghahe might have up his sleeve, Sunday said he got an informant, who was close to the plotters. The informant made sure Sunday knew every move Oseghahe and his clique made. So on the fateful day, already armed with the information that the men would storm his home with a fake court injunction, Sunday got ready for a showdown and alerted some people to be on standby. Demola and others bolted when they noticed the number of men with Sunday, but Okuneye was slow to understand the game was up.

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