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The trendiest policewoman in town

Posted by By JULIANA FRANCIS on 2005/08/26 | Views: 447 |

The trendiest policewoman in town

Like a born sprinter, she races to and fro as she waves a stick threateningly at drivers who try to flout traffic rules. She knows that any slight hitch could cause a bumper to bumper traffic jam.

Like a born sprinter, she races to and fro as she waves a stick threateningly at drivers who try to flout traffic rules. She knows that any slight hitch could cause a bumper to bumper traffic jam.

What would Oshodi Oke in Lagos traffic be without Superintendent Margaret Ekpe? You probably think you donít know her but Ekpe is one of the most popular figures at Oshodi Oke, especially during the early hours of traffic rush.
She is that figure that reminds you of the amazon female warriors of ancient history. In her orange coloured tank top, police uniform, complete with aviation glasses coupled with the fact that she could be 6ft plus, Ekpe is a very hard figure to miss.

Described as a hardworking female police by the Divisional Police Officer, (DPO) of Makinde, where Ekpe has been attached to for the past four years, she is a friend and foe to different people. She is a darling to some drivers who detest the "area boys" who stop them to collect toll and a foe to all "area boys" simply because she does not give them room to stop the flow of traffic in collecting their toll.

Most of the drivers and "area boys" call her, " Mama."
No driver ever dared pick a passenger along the highway except at the designated bus stops if Ekpeís imposing figure was sighted.
Most private drivers and indeed commuters have been known to pray that she should be on duty knowing it means the free flow of traffic.
She is the Makinde Divisional Traffic officer 1(DTO). Ekpe is one woman police squad, who does her job with pride and unflagging strength. Many times when her subordinates begin to show signs of tiredness as the morning gentle breeze gives in to the scorching noon sun, Ekpe would still look ready and fit.

Those who keep wondering if Ekpe doesnít ever get weary of running to and fro on the Oshodi Oke highway, probably do not know she is a sports woman.
Born in 1961, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, Ekpe was said to have been doing all sorts of sporting activities right from a tender age.
According to her colleagues, Ekpe has won several international medals for Nigeria through sport. Described as one of the best sprinters in the Nigeria Police, Ekpe today, has risen to the level of a coach in the Ikeja Police College.

Daily Sun gathered that part from the stress of standing on the highway starting from 6am until 10pm, Ekpe also finds the time to go to the Police College every morning to train the newly enlisted policemen. Coupled with all these, is also the duty of making sure things run smoothly at the home front. Daily Sun gathered that aside from jogging in the mornings at home before coming to the office to resume on the highway, Ekpe does not take the role of motherhood with levity. She always makes sure her two children are well taken care of.

Described as a dedicated Christian, Ekpe joined the Nigeria Police in 1984 as a cadet officer. Her last promotion was in February 1, 2003. She was promoted to the rank of a Superintendent of Police.
When she was first posted to the Makinde police Division, she was given the position of the Divisional Crime Officer II. But was before too long, made the DTO 1.
How does she keep her skin fresh and beautiful despite standing under the sun everyday? That of course was one question, only Ekpe can answer. And being a public servant, she could not talk to the media.

Daily Sun spoke to one of her subordinates, who wished to remain anonymous. With shining eyes, she said: " It is true that she pushes us hard but we donít mind because she pushes herself harder. Iím right now coming from the training ground at the Police College. She is our coach. Many of us like her. Sheís a nice person. One day, Iím going to be like her!"
Ekpe may have achieved a lot but she is still ready to climb more ladders if given the chance. But this super policewoman, however, has a deep rooted fear. It is the fear of media coverage.

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Okfold(Sobe, Edo, Nigeria)says...

I want the meaning of female owan name Ekeke (Edo state)

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Authority belongs to God, once He decrees it is final and binding

Ikponmwosa Osamede(Edo, Nigeria)says...

Your meaning of Osamede is wrong. Osamede means God has given me a crown