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PRONACO announces confab date

Posted by By Titilayo Odeyemi on 2005/08/23 | Views: 258 |

PRONACO announces confab date

THE Pro-National Conference Organisation, PRONACO, has declared that its peoples’ national conference will formally commence on October 1, 2005.

LAGOS — THE Pro-National Conference Organisation, PRONACO, has declared that its peoples’ national conference will formally commence on October 1, 2005.

It has also made it clear that the opening ceremony of the conference will be heralded by delegates’ registration on the same day.

These were some of the resolutions reached at a meeting of the General Assembly PRONACO to review and update preparations for the Peoples’ National Conference. The General Assembly of PRONACO is made of representatives of over one hundred and fifty organisations that cut across ethnic nationalities, civil society groups, professionals, non-governmental organisations, women groups, youth organisations, self-determination groups, religious organisations etc.

According to a statement issued by Director, Media & Public Affairs, Wale Okunniyi, PRONACO said the General Assembly was convened to receive reports, deliberate and arrive at modalities and modus operandi for the convocation of peoples’ national conference. According to the statement:

“The meeting was attended by 150 delegates including representatives of Nigerians in Diaspora. The General Assembly, which was chaired by PRONACO chairman, Chief Anthony Enahoro, CFR, was witnessed by eminent leaders such as Dr. Beko Ransome Kuti, Dr. Mrs. Sarah Jubril, Alhaji Asari Dokubo, Ambassador Segun Olusola, among others.

“The General Assembly was held against the backdrop of the need to reassess the roadmap for a process-led conference and to agree on the time-table for the conference to be organized by PRONACO.

“The General Assembly received a welcome address from the national leader / chairman; Chief Anthony Enahoro. Chief Enahoro’s address to the General Assembly gave an update on the activities of the various committees that were set up to assist the process of organising the peoples’ national conference. Delegates received committees’ reports on the following: (i) Provisional Charter and structures of PRONACO (ii) Rules and procedures for PRONACO conference (iii) Ethnic nationalities (iv)Research (v) Fund raising.

“Deliberations at the General Assembly were guided by open debates by accredited delegates and popular consensus amongst delegates at the General Assembly.

The General Assembly considered committees’’ reports and welcomed, from the delegates, observations and suggestions arising from deliberations and consequently took far-reaching resolutions that are germane to the convocation of a truly independent national conference of the Nigerian people and the actualization of the outcome of proceedings of the conference.

The statement added that “The General Assembly considered various suggestions and observations from delegates in respect of the existing structures of PRONACO and proposals on the roadmap to peoples’’ national conference. The Assembly consequently agreed by consensus that PRONACO as a credible platform of the Nigerian people should take steps to ensure that:-

“ The peoples’ conference being organized meets the expectations of the generality of the people of Nigeria who earnestly look up to PRONACO for a truly sovereign national conference.

“The conference to be organized adequately addresses the inclusion of genuine representatives of the people.

“Necessary platforms are put in place and internal structures strengthened by PRONACO to facilitate and sustain the actualization of the outcome of the conference.

“Existing structures of PRONACO be formalized to speedily facilitate the convocation of the peoples’’ conference and post-conference activities.

“Consequently, the General Assembly amended the Provisional Charter of PRONACO and adopted the charter as amended. A formal structure capable of responding to emerging challenges of organizing national peoples’’ conference as well as defending the outcome of the conference was adopted.

“The General Assembly received briefing on the visit of PRONACO leaders abroad. Delegates expressed appreciation to PRONACO leaders for their sacrifices. Delegates expressed optimism that the conference being organized by PRONACO will give proper and adequate expression to the feelings and expectations of the generality of Nigerians.”

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