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Wanted: Police hunt nine over murder

Posted by By STAN OKEKE - Enugu on 2005/08/18 | Views: 479 |

Wanted: Police hunt nine over murder

Nine persons have been declared wanted by the police in Enugu, as part of their investigations into the gruesome murder of one Mr. Uzoechi Enekwe at Amaozala Affa, in Udi Local Government Area of the state.

Nine persons have been declared wanted by the police in Enugu, as part of their investigations into the gruesome murder of one Mr. Uzoechi Enekwe at Amaozala Affa, in Udi Local Government Area of the state.

Already, one Bartholomew Onwu is in police custody awaiting trial for the murder, while a traditional ruler-elect,Mr. Anthony Onwu is also being linked to the murder case.

According to Prof. Onuora Osmond Enekwe of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, his cousin, late Uzoechi Enekwe was invited by some young men in the town, who sent an emissary to him and when he got out of his house, the young men beat him mercilessly.
"They beat him up and in spite of persistent pleas by his brother and wife, they continued to beat him and eventually took him away," he said.

Prof. Enekwe added that they never set eyes on him again and had to report the incident to the police in Affa, but when the police in the town were not forthcoming with their investigations, they reported to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in Udi. Thereafter, the Enekwe family petitioned the Enugu State commissioner of police in, and investigations commenced in earnest.

Daily Sun investigations have revealed nine prime suspects in the disappearance of Uzoechi, including those involved in his abduction, and they have been declared wanted by the police. They include Donatus Egodigwe (aka) "Egbunaku" –gun is booming, Damian Egodigwe, Ifeanyi Egodigwe, Amaechi Mgbadike and Anselem Okpete among others. However, an Igwe-elect, who is related to the Egodigwe brothers, is allegedly trying to protect these men said to be involved in Uzoechi’s murder.

In a document made available to Daily Sun, Barrister Onwu had on February 23, 2005, dropped a note for Mr. Philip Enekwe, another relation of the deceased, urging him to be cautious in actions regarding the murder of their brother. "Don’t report to the police, the matter will be handled traditionally. I can assure you that there will be justice for all". However, he has since reneged on this promise and was said to be doing everything within his power to prevent justice.

However, on Friday July 15, 2005, a young hunter claimed the that they were in the Amaozala forest hunting, when they saw the young men who allegedly killed Uzoechi carry his body into the forest and buried him in a shallow grave. He consequently led them to the spot.

Swiftly, Mr. Enekwe alerted the police and their doctor, Dr. Maxwell Udeh, along with some natives headed for the forest where they exhumed the remains of their son. Though parts of his remains had decayed, his bowel was recovered, and the most vital evidence of his remains, the skull.
It was on the skull that Dr. Udeh performed the autopsy.

Prof. Enekwe told Daily Sun that the boys who killed his cousin had threatened to kill him (Uzoechi) a few months before he was eventually killed. "He went to the village community meeting and told them that his life was under threat, Prof. Enekwe said. He lamented that after he was murdered, the people at the meeting did not bother to say that he had reported that the boys actually pre-planned to kill him. According to Enekwe, those present at the meeting where he reported the threat to his life, were mainly members of the Igwe-elect cabinet.

He said that the chiefs alleged that Uzoechi was killed, by a mob, mainly youths. Prof. Enekwe, however, expressed satisfaction with police action in the case so far.
The Igwe-elect, Barr. Anthony Onwu, when contacted by Daily Sun denied any involvement in the matter, claiming that he was not in the village when Uzoechi was murdered..

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