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Governorship of Rivers State Sekibo declares interest in the race?

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/01/09 | Views: 376 |

Governorship of Rivers State Sekibo declares interest in the race?

The convoy took off from the island facing the direction of Ogu. At the head of the convoy was the Minister of Transport. With him were personal aides as well as movers and shakers within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The convoy took off from the island facing the direction of Ogu. At the head of the convoy was the Minister of Transport. With him were personal aides as well as movers and shakers within the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Information received on line from Ogu suggested all was well on ground, just the way the minister and his strategists wanted it. In no time, the minister and his entourage would be walking into a hero’s welcome.

Sekibo looked confident. He had strong allies in Ogu on whom he could count, allies like George Sekibo, a one-time special adviser to Governor Odili and now a member of the National Assembly and Spiff Taribo, former ambassador and now a member of the National Revenue Mobilization Commission as well as others that space may not allow us to mention.

Together, they (including the transport minister) had delivered the Okrika nation solidly to the PDP, making it a no-go-area for all comers from other party platforms who feared for the worst, including death.

Now as the minister’s convoy closed in on the ancient town, excitement welled among members of his entourage. The moment of decision had come. And there could not have been a better time to break the news to the expectant party supporters in Ogu than the season of the Yuletide.

For the Ogu people, it was another rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the powerful one, the one who now seemingly points the direction for Okrika to follow, and the one so powerful before whom others who aspire to power in Okrika circles quake and tremble.

A big bash had been organized by PDP faithfuls as part of the end of year celebrations, but as the Telegraph eventually gathered, it was more than a party.

It was a big political gathering, which attracted the who-is-who in the area and they all came, not just to be part of the backslapping and “bear hugs”, but also to witness what could pass as history in the making.

The arrival of the minister caused a mighty stir. Women and children as well as youths trailed his entourage, struggling in the process to catch a glimpse of the Okrika strong man.

Information reaching our news desk suggests the former Secretary to Government and now Minister of Transport, Dr Abiye Sekibo may have decided to run for the position of governor of Rivers State, come the year 2007.

Sekibo, our sources revealed, allegedly told those gathered that he had decided to gun for the most coveted office in the land - the governorship of Rivers State.

He was quoted as saying that after due consultations it had become apparent he has a chance to run a good race and said with the support of all and sundry the Okrika nation could boast of another governor after Ada George.

Sekibo said he was in Ogu to thank them for their wholesome support for the PDP as well as their loyalty to Governor Odili and assured them of more government patronage at the State and national levels.
The minister is quoted as heaping encomiums on Governor Peter Odili, describing him as God-sent, a visionary leader and friend of the Okrika people.
Insiders allege Sekibo may have been in town to shore up support for a political slate as politicians nationwide prepare for forth-coming party congresses that would take place this year if party constitutions are to carry any weight and authority.
Since turning minister, Sekibo has denied ever nursing any ambition. The denials have been so consistent that many have almost believed him but the fact that he has been distributing all kinds of patronage across the State while closed door meetings are being held in his name has nonetheless cast doubts on his claims
Our sources say many who are in influential positions within the ruling party now have mouth-watering contracts from Abuja.
Sekibo may have kept away his ambition from probing eyes, but the Ogu outing, if what sources are hinting could be relied on, might be the signal that a strong bid for power in 2007 may have begun.
Already, some of those secretly canvassing for him say Sekibo might be the anointed one. They point to a recent comment by the wife of the governor, Justice Mary Odili.
Mrs. Odili had referred to him as one of the sons of the Odili family during the burial of his late mother, Madam Tamunodiepreye Salome Sekibo.
Sources say he has even penetrated several segments of society and broken grounds in the upland parts of the State, including the Ikwerre heartland.
Footholds of the minister can be found in Port Harcourt, Emohua and Ikwerre, in Oyibo, Khana and Eleme, and in Andoni.
The Orashi region, the governor’s backyard, is not left out either in the hunt for support and alignments by all the groups including Sekibo’s.
The political runour mills claim Alhaji Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force may have fallen in line in terms of support for the minister.
But Asari told the Telegraph Monday that he has never met with the minister to discuss such political issues.
He agreed he was at Okrika during the burial of the mother of the minister, insisting however, that he has nothing to do with the political processes of the Nigerian state.
According to him, he would only associate with a system that liberates “my people” from the yoke placed on them by the Nigerian state.
The situation is not as clear in the Kalabari speaking areas but chances are, what may turn out to be a clamour for a riverine governor, might see some Kalabaris facing in the direction of Okrika and Sekibo.

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