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Police nab internet fraudster

Posted by By Oluwatoyosi Ogunseye on 2005/08/16 | Views: 295 |

Police nab internet fraudster

Detectives in Lagos have nabbed a man who ordered goods via the Internet without paying for them.

Detectives in Lagos have nabbed a man who ordered goods via the Internet without paying for them.

Henry Adams, who is being kept at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti, reportedly ordered for a mobile phone and a pocket computer from companies in the United Kingdom and Germany respectively, telling them that he had paid through Western Union.

Thinking that they were dealing with a genuine customer, the goods worth over N160,000 were sent to Nigeria, where an elated Adams picked them up at NIPOST. The companies, however, got the shock of their lives, when Western Union informed them that nobody had paid for the goods.

This angered the organisations and they made a complaint to INTERPOL. Daily Sun gathered that INTERPOL alerted detectives at the SCID about Adams’ fraudulent activities. Cops thereafter set a trap for him by sending a letter via electronic mail asking him to come and collect some goods at NIPOST.
Though he had not requested for the goods, Adams, 29, was very excited to receive the items he had not ordered for at NIPOST. On getting to the Post Office, he was promptly arrested and the goods that he had received were confiscated.

Speaking with Daily Sun, Adams said he was arrested for ‘Yahoo! Yahoo!" "I was browsing the Internet when I saw an advert for a pocket computer. The price was 850 Euros and I ordered for it by sending an e-mail to the company. When they asked me how I was going to pay, I told them to give me three days promising to pay through Western Union. I thereafter logged on the Western Union site and pretended as if I had sent the money. I mailed them again telling them that I had paid. The pocket computer was sent to me immediately."

Basking in the euphoria of pulling a fast one on the company, Adams ordered for a Samsung D500 phone from the United Kingdom promising to pay through Western Union. The phone arrived safely in Nigeria but the company did not get paid.
Adams, who claimed to have studied Accountancy at the Lagos State Polytechnic, (LASPOTECH), said that it was his hobby, browsing the Internet, that lured him into ordering the goods.
He said: "I have a National Diploma in Accounting from LASPOTECH. I am computer literate and I love browsing. When I got the computer, I was tempted to try again. So, I ordered the phone which cost 125 Euros."

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