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Plan to kill Asari Dokubo

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/08/10 | Views: 519 |

Plan to kill Asari Dokubo

Alhaji Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, may be in danger of losing his life.

* Richman Yembiri allegedly behind plot
* Police deploy troopers to protect Asari
* Asari says "I'm ready for a show down"

Alhaji Asari Dokubo, leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force, NDPVF, may be in danger of losing his life.

According to information filtering into out newsroom, the plot to terminate his life was allegedly hatched at a meeting in Warri, Delta State.
Under the plan which has come to light, a number of gun men believed to be affiliated to some cult groups were to enter town, with one mission to do battle with Asari and kill him.

Asari confirmed the story in a chat with the Telegraph in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

He said the meeting was allegedly attended by his former associates including Richman Yembiri, disclosing that each of the hired hands may have received the sum of N50, 000.00 to carry out the assassination attempt.

It is not clear how government came to know about the plot. But insiders say the warlord himself may have brought the matter before the authorities even as he mobilized.

In response, government horrified by the prospect that Rivers State may be plunged into another gun battle is believed to have ordered the police to move in to guard Asari's residence.
At least three patrol vans, with armed policemen was seen lurking in the shadows close to Asari's house.

Asari told the Telegraph, "Richman Yembiri and his friends want to attack me. I'm ready for the show down.

He said he had done everything to uphold the peace and noted that if the government did nothing to stop those who are threatening the peace, he would do whatever is required to secure himself.

Asari alleged that there were some unknown faces hiding under the guise of government that are promoting the new wave of violence in the Niger Delta region.

Of late Asari has paid more attention to political mobilization efforts, joining PRONACO and advancing the cause of separatism.

When PRONACO marshaled by Asari embarked on its sensitization drive more than 10, 000 Niger Delta youths in Rivers State alone took to the streets expressing support for the organization's stand on the future of Nigeria.
There are increasing signs that some political interests in Rivers and Bayelsa states might not be as comfortable with what they see as his entry into the political turf.

Could this be a good enough reason for wanting him out of the way, this publication asked him.
Asari replied, "I have heard such hints. What I am doing is to speak up on what I believe in. Is this also a crime?"

"I will continue to speak for the Niger Delta people, especially the youths who are being dispossessed of everything that is good", Asari declared, "I am willing to lay down my life in defense of what I consider just, equitable and fair."

"I have no apologies for the positions that I take on issues, especially my position that the Ijaws of the Niger Delta region and the other peoples of the South-South have no business being in Nigeria. Regardless of threats to my life I will carry on knowing nothing can stop an idea when its time has come."

In the meantime, Asari and his followers are on alert and they say they would not be pushed to the wall.
In government circles, there are genuine concerns over the new source of threat.

The squabble between Soboma George and Ateke Tom is already causing sufficient concerns within security circles.
Said one police source, "If Asari is brought into the fray, the situation would worsen."

Perhaps, this may the reason behind the move by the police to keep an eye around the clock on Asari.
Asari is unruffled, from all indications, saying, "We are waiting for them."

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