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Anthony Fatayi-Williamsí Friends to Engage Terror

Posted by This Day Online on 2005/08/10 | Views: 357 |

Anthony Fatayi-Williamsí Friends to Engage Terror

Friends of Anthony, the grandson of one-time Chief Justice of Nigeria, Atanda Fatayi-Williams, have concluded plans to engage terrorists.

Friends of Anthony, the grandson of one-time Chief Justice of Nigeria, Atanda Fatayi-Williams, have concluded plans to engage terrorists.

Anthony's mother, Marie disclosed this yesterday, a month after her son died in the terror attack on London. She, however, did not disclose the nature of the plans Anthony's friends have for terrorists, assuringn that they would be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Anthony was killed by terrorists bomb in London in July 7 alongside 53 other victims.

Mrs. Fatayi-Williams said in a statement issued yesterday in Lagos that she believed that just as democracy could not be and should not be exported by the gun, peace and understanding would not be achieved by terrorism and violence.

"These are two sides of the same currency that is not legal tender in a world created by a good God.

This corrupted currency of violence, terror and slaughter of innocent people, should be withdrawn from the system," she said.

"Let us together agree to tender a new currency of peace and love generated by the death of loved ones across the world of which my innocent son is one," she said.

"Let us, through them, with them and by the grace of God say no to future violence and strive for peace through dialogue and mutual understanding. The time is now," she said.

Mrs. Fatayi-Williams said her heart bled for mothers the world over, north, south, east and west whose hearts were equally bleeding as they watched helplessly over the unnecessary deaths of their children for a cause that they did not know or understand.

"I cry out from a sorrowing mother's heart to those perpetrators of this pain - leaders and followers alike.

"I cry out to the one whose face I now know from the television screen, and who might also know mine through the same medium, Aiman Al Zawahiri," she said.

Al Zawahiri claimed to represent Al Qaeda which had promised even more killing of the innocent in England and America and indeed the world.

"Aiman Al Zawahiri, I want you to look at me and look at my only son Anthony, and take a good look at the list of names of victims of bombings across the world -- London, New York, Madrid, Iraq, Egypt, Afghanistan, Palestine and Israel.

How have their deaths affected your cause positively?'' she asked.
"I appeal to your heart. To the hearts of your leaders and followers which I know also flow with blood. Allow my voice and my pain to reach out to you and the common humanity of life.

Let us not take life that we cannot give," she pleaded.Mrs. Fatayi-Williams said she was "just one voice, offering my words as a platform for mediation for peace in the world for the sake of all fallen innocent victims''.

She assured that in the coming weeks, Anthony's friends would speak on what they planned to do to engage the terror that had become a part of life today.

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