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Chief A.K. Horsfall:What is he up to?

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/01/09 | Views: 966 |

Chief A.K. Horsfall:What is he up to?

He is a spy master, administrator, author, a distinguished chief and politician with a CV that could be very intimidating.

He is a spy master, administrator, author, a distinguished chief and politician with a CV that could be very intimidating.

His name - Chief A.K. Horsfall, one time Director General of the State Security Service and. Chairman of the now defunct Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission, OMPADEC.

All of a sudden, Horsfall has crept into public attention with many wondering what he is up to.

In some political circles, there is a growing rumour Horsfall could be the latest gubernatorial candidate on the bloc.

Although the man, a known associate of former President Ibrahim Babangida has made no declaration yet of his future intention, the talk is that a plan to bring him to Brick House may have already started.

Those who are fingering him point to two major developments.
Last year, the Obong of Calabar singled him out for installation as an Efik chief.

Governor Peter Odili literarily moved the whole state to attend the function at the palace.

The red carpet treatment given to Horsfall sparked off a debate in the political rumour mill.

By the time people could really make sense of what was happening, Horsfall took another step.

A few days after his return from Calabar, Horsfall led what could be seen as the bulk of the NDP members remaining to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party.

Again, Governor Peter Odili as leader of the party in the State was there to receive him into the fold.

If the Calabar trip didnít send clear warning signals to aspirants who are warming up in the shadows especially in Kalabari land, the movement from NDP to PDP sparked off a wave of suspicious comments.

Horsfallís growing public vicinity began of late in the wake of the Buguma crisis.

Relying on his brinkmanship, Horsfall became one of the rallying points for peace and helping to articulate what is today known as the peace accord.

His decision to use Government House for the peace initiative, criticized by intellectuals like Professor Tam David-West opened windows for government which also wanted the crisis in the area resolved, a foothold to launch out.

But there were segments of the accord that certain Buguma interests did not appreciate and which they felt quite clearly could not be in the interest either of the monarchy or Kalabari custom and tradition

Even though the Three-One-And-Half chiefs stood resolutely by the document, it did not stop the council of chiefs from saying every aspect of the accord would be freely debated.
In the Kalabari kingdom, Horsfallís adventure remains very topical and this is hardly surprising.

The might not be speaking out loud, but there is a silent clamour for the governorship.

Despite all their attainments, the Kalabaris have been unable to write their name in the governorship hall of fame.
The result is that despite the fact that the Kalabaris come from the Rivers West which has produced Governor Odili, they may be fashioning out ways of ensuring they get it, with some of their sons and daughters hinting in some way that playing up the upland riverine dichotomy might well be a good start for the realization of that dream.

There are others who however see Horsfallís entry differently. The sudden embrace that he has received is being seen as evidence of a new romance between Babangida and Governor Odili. And evidence that all the signs within the PDP point to the fact that the Minna-born military politician might eventually receive the blessing of President Olusegun Obasanjo and the military cabal that has run Nigeria for many years.

Besides, some sources insist the appearance at Otta Farm by both Odili and IBB could well be a pointer to a growing pact among persons seen as the presidentís men.

Yet, with the fate of Chief Ombo Isokrari, Chief Paworiso Samuel-Horsfall and Dr Doris Fisher -pillars upons which pro Odili forces in the area have anchored their control - unclear, there are strategists who think the romance with Horsfall might also be proof of an attempt to build new structures in Asari Toru Local Government where he comes from.

What ever might be the calculations, Horsfall is now out in the open and in the political rumour mill. What is Horsfall up to? Only the future can tell.

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