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Governor Odili signs nine laws

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/08/08 | Views: 258 |

Governor Odili signs nine laws

Rivers State Governor, Dr. Peter Odili last Saturday signed nine laws passed by the State House of Assembly.

Rivers State Governor, Dr. Peter Odili last Saturday signed nine laws passed by the State House of Assembly.

The laws are Rivers State Dehumanising and Harmful Traditional Practices Law, the Education and Teaching of Indigenous Languages Law, Contract Drafting and Vetting Law, State Tourism Development Funds Law, and the State Universal Basic Education Law.

Others are State Magistrates Courts Law, Return of Schools Law, Non-discrimination against Employees with HIV/AIDS Law, and the Rivers State Schools Rights for Parents, Children and Teachers Law.

Speaking while signing the laws, Governor Odili said the important things about the laws are their contents, for which he thanked the State House of Assembly for their commitment to the common good of Rivers people.

On the Laws directed at the Education Sector, Governor Odili said, "our educational system would be given the necessary fillip for rejuvenation", adding that the Law on return of schools is going to inject fresh spirit and religious hands into our educational system.

"We have watched over the years the decadence that has become the hallmark of our educational system", he said, pointing out that indiscipline in the school system affected the teaching and learning process particularly in the early years.

Therefore, according to the Governor, "we have a moral duty, having identified where we went wrong to reverse ourselves and get back on the right track".
On the Teaching of Indigenous Languages Law, the Governor said "it is unique that we now have a law that will guide it in the state".

He affirmed that with the Law on Universal Basic Education, the State is now in a position to benefit from funds provided for the programme from the Federal Government and donor agencies as well.

"With the signing of this law, over a quarter of a billion Naira is already in the kitty for disbursement in the UBE Scheme", the Governor disclosed, adding that the State Government have already released her counterpart funding as part of preconditions for draw down on the funds available.

Commenting on the HIV/AIDS non-discrimination Law, Dr Odili said the State fight against the virus has yielded positive results in Rivers State, as the prevalence rate has dropped significantly from 8% to 6% now.

He stated further that "we must sustain our efforts as part of our preventive strategies, adding that the prevention of discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS by their employers is a futuristic step.

On the Tourism Law, Governor Odili said it is important for us to begin to create alternative sources of Revenue for our people since Oil and Gas are expendable commodities that will not be here forever.

He said with the emphasis on the building of infrastructures in the past 6 years, Rivers State is now poised to confront development in the tourism industry, and the newly signed Law was apt.

With the signing of the Return of Schools Law, owners of the private schools are to liaise with the appropriate government ministries and agencies to take back their schools.

Members of the State House of Assembly and Commissioners were present at the signing ceremony.

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