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Hope rises among party faithfuls as Odili declares PDP is intact

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/01/09 | Views: 277 |

Hope rises among party faithfuls as Odili declares PDP is intact

Staunch supporter of the president and Governor of Rivers State, Dr Peter Odili has doused fears PDP might be headed for a mighty crack.

Staunch supporter of the president and Governor of Rivers State, Dr Peter Odili has doused fears PDP might be headed for a mighty crack.

Odili who spoke to reporters shortly after the aircraft which brought him touched down at the Port Harcourt International Airport dismissed suggestions that the PDP is threatened by what many across the country see as internal contradiction besetting the political party.

It was the first major reaction from any of the players who attended the national Executive Council meeting and Odili, exuding confidence said the PDP remains the most solid of the political parties that are jostling to receive the mantle to lead the Nigerian people.

Somehow, the PDP had managed to avoid a face-off at the NEC meeting contrary to widely held views among political pundits.

The muscle-flexing that preceded the meeting had lent weight to the speculation even drummed up by the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC and generally, there was this feeling forces loyal to the president and those behind the vice president were only hours away from a mighty clash.
In the end, what seems very much like a compromise decision was reached.

Both Chief Chris Uba and Governor Chris Ngige of Anambra State were sent on suspension while Chief Audu Ogbeh, PDP National Chairman was allowed to stay on in office.
Across the country, as the news of the suspension spread, not many thought Ngige had done any thing to warrant being suspended.

Many polled here say Uba was the one who ought to have been penalized but in Nigeria, the rich and the highly connected our usually untouchables.

The thinking in some circles was that the PDP decision was more or less a face serving device, at least in order not to create the impression that the president and his men lost out.

It may well be that the decision was all that was required to put the infighting at bay for now and guarantee the stay on of the PDP national chairman.

Whatever may have influenced the decision taken by the highest decision-making organ of the party, it was welcome.
At least, said one PDP man, it was proof the party machine had at last come to the conclusion some thing had to be done about restoring order in Anambra State.

It was a moral victory for those who believe the party cannot continue to act as if nothing is wrong.

But, above all things, it was proof of the fact that the PDP may indeed have a conflict resolution machinery which in terms of danger ensures that the party remains intact.
Odili insisted while chatting with newsmen, there was no reason to worry about the fate of the party.

His assertion that the PDP still remains a potent force equally suggested that contrary to widely held opinions the party might break to bits, the PDP may well go ahead to maintain its stranglehold on power now and in the future.
As one ordinary Riversman remarked, “What’s important to me is not which party rules me. What’s important to me is breakfast on the table for my children and what the system does to provide much and better facilities for the common good.”

It may well be so. As things are, with unemployment starring the youthful generation in the face, with the nation’s schools bereft of good learning environments and medical centres threatened by incessant strikes, what many Nigerians, especially people of the Niger Delta do not believe is that there are indeed dividends of democracy.

Odili admitted last year South-South governments may not have done too well. But he had said while apologizing that the South-South people would see better action as from this year.

Many hope South-South governments would match words with action and pray that the penury that is evident would go away, paving the way for years of progressive development.
Given the funds available to South-South governments many do not think it such a prospect is impossible.

They say what their governments need is the will really to serve the masses and to change the circumstances that they met on assumption of duty.

They equally hope the political parties would become more purposeful and better managed.

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I want the meaning of female owan name Ekeke (Edo state)

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Authority belongs to God, once He decrees it is final and binding

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Your meaning of Osamede is wrong. Osamede means God has given me a crown