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Oh God, fear is enveloping Nigeria

Posted by By Gabriel Osu on 2005/08/04 | Views: 379 |

Oh God, fear is enveloping Nigeria

There is increasing upsurge of fear arising from insecurity in the land. The killing of students by cultists and ritualists, mysterious deaths of students in institutions of higher learning, use of human beings for rituals, the secret society phenomenon via cults/occults/shrines-ala Okija and others are becoming worrisome.

There is increasing upsurge of fear arising from insecurity in the land. The killing of students by cultists and ritualists, mysterious deaths of students in institutions of higher learning, use of human beings for rituals, the secret society phenomenon via cults/occults/shrines-ala Okija and others are becoming worrisome.

Al Quaeda scare and increasing threats of terrorist attacks in our country creates real fear and scaring us to our bone marrow. Area boys and agbero recalcitrance, the drug menace as attested to by the recent catch at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, lkeja, Lagos by narcotics agents are an added list.

Odua Peoples Congress (OPC) dare devil tortures and deaths, Bakassi Boys,and pirates in our waters, killing (murder) of lgbo traders in Abuja, clash between agbero and drivers and between them and soldiers in Lagos, the seeming backing (official) recognition of these miscreants by Government creates fear.

Executive lawlessness by the central government not to obey Supreme Court judgment; the outright blatant refusal to obey court judgment by the leadership of the ruling PDP, the flagrant abuse of office and disregard for law and fundamental human rights are making us feverish.

All these are in the midst of ethnic and religious clashes. There is fear in our institutions of higher learning, there is palpable fear in motor parks, drivers/commuters commute in and with fear, people tip-toe’ into their houses; we are petrified by armed robbers in our houses and on the roads, there is fear in the political arena due to suspicion of assassination and mudslinging. In the banking and finance industry fear of losing jobs due to mergers is rife, and the Federal Government has compounded this fear with the announcemt of mass retrenchment of thousands of civil servants.

Hunger and suffering due to bad policy and economic downturn is holding us on the throat, tension is high to fever pitch. And the recent announcement by the U.S. Government that Nigeria will break up in the next 15 years or so as well as the closure of its Embassy in Lagos for "security" reasons have become frightening.

Accidental discharge by security agents inundate us. In short, there is "terror from every side" - Jeremiah 20:1. We are being terrorized and tormented on all sides but our Government seem to be aloof and not caring a dime about the total siege from all sides of the polity and society.

There is encompassing crime, evil, avarice, debauchery, miscreancy, covetousness, corruption, creepling uncertainty, darkness stares us in the face: there is confusion in Nigeria; the citizens are not sure of tomorrow. What is happening? Because of this fear, we tell lies to please people, do the ‘undoable’ to be free, bear false witness against our neighbours and refuse to help those in trouble, etc.

As it were, Government that swore to defend and protect the citizens has failed to do so. In its place Government has unwittingly contributed to our woes, our fears and tribulations. There is insecurity in the land making us fear that there could be chaos and anarchy. Government is standing akimbo as the people are confronted on all fronts by agents of darkness, evil, gloom and doom.

The country is being traumatized: how can foreign investors come to Nigeria to invest with the alarum bell being rung by America on our fragile security? We are putting ourselves, our lifeline, our nation at stake before ourselves and before Uonal community. There is fear of the known and fear of the unknown.

We are caged; who and where do we fly to? We are having opponents of God and the society. He created us for peace and goodness. These people are violent and are widening the cycle of violence and blood letting. We are afraid, and this real fear is reducing us to our shells and making us to perform below standards; we cannot stick out our necks for fear of the unknown, so that we are not cut down prematurely. This fear is making us become stereotype, we are afraid of even our shadows, we are fearing our very existence! Oh God! where are you? The Nigeria and her people you created in your own image and likeness is bedeviled by evil, crime and infidelity. We are in a desert place, as it is, we are deserted by the leaders, the Government.

Parents are losing parental authority — children disrespect parents and teachers, children are becoming wayward, delinquency on all fronts, society eulogises and celebrates thievery and inordinate wealth.

Rich, wealthy people, those in power oppress others; people’s rights are trampled upon, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. What do we do?

But because the Bible assures us that we should not fear: "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body and soul in hell" — Matthew 10:26-33, we rest our case with God.

Believers are sure that this God’s promise is enduring; God’s Word is a saving grace. Those who trust in the Lord and believe in Him will never be disappointed, for Jesus is a name for cleansing the morally filthy, encouragement for the downcast, boldness for the fearful, a soothing balm for healing of the afflicted and suffering and a comfort for those in sorrow.

With these comforting words we are too sure that God, is on our side; He is a mighty hero who will let our opponents, enemies of an orderly, peaceful society stumble and be eternally confounded.

Christians should therefore pray fervently to God to let His face shine on us to redeem us from the bondage of evil and sin and the looming catastrophy about to befall us. We should pray extra fervently to avert the impending chaos as a result of crime and fear and ask God for forgiveness and national restoration from the fear being induced on us by evil men through their evil machinations.

While we do that, we call earnestly on the Government to use its security agents to dismantle the afore-mentioned ills plaguing us like epidemics. Government had sworn to protect the lives and properties of citizens as it is the inalienable rights of the citizens. The Government rnust today wield the big stick to thrash evil and crime and use the broom to sweep clean the dirty side of life of the nation, and stem the increase of fear and insecurity.

The ever merciful, loving and forgiving God is all ears to receive our prayers and praise. As we cry to Him, He is sure to remove the darkness enveloping our nation and replace it with His ever-shining white sky of peace and progress.

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