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Soldiers storm Soboma's home... Even as Soboma maintains claim of innocence

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/07/26 | Views: 247 |

Soldiers storm Soboma's home... Even as Soboma maintains claim of innocence

Soldiers have made an unexpected stop over at Soboma's home built off the New Road areas of Borikiri, just behind Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt.

Soldiers have made an unexpected stop over at Soboma's home built off the New Road areas of Borikiri, just behind Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Port Harcourt.

According to what we have heard, most of the windows at the deserted house where smashed in by the uniformed men who appeared there last week.
Soboma George who spoke with the Telegraph on phone confirmed the storming of his private home by Nigerian troops.

He noted that although he was yet to get a full briefing of what could have happened to his house, his security dog, which was perhaps on guard when they arrived there, was allegedly killed.

It is not clear who dispatched the soldiers to Soboma's house, or why they went there.

The Public Relations Officer of the 2 Airmobile Brigade in Port Harcourt could not confirm Sunday if the army had sent men to the home of the fugitive but he noted that a lot of soldiers had been called to action, especially after the embarrassing jailbreak at the Port Harcourt Prison.

The Army spokesman however assured this publication that as soon as he confirms the incident, he would put the press in the know.

He however, noted that if the soldiers had cordoned off the building in order to search it, the alleged raid of the Soboma house would not be out of order.
Soboma who is now on the run was hauled into prison ostensibly for his role in the killing of Iminabo Fiberesima.

That killing took place last year shortly after the peace process went into operation in Rivers State in the wake of talks between President Olusegun Obasanjo and warlords operating within the Niger Delta region.

"Before God and man, no be me do 'am", Soboma explained on phone.
"I dey for Reclamation Road when my phone ring", Soboma revealed, "when my phone ring, I come pick 'am, come ask who be dis."

He said the person whose voice he identified urged him to move over quickly saying "problem don dey happen for Abuja between those wey dey sell drugs and Vigilante boys."

Soboma narrated how he asked that Vigilante members and the Peace Committee people be mobilized down there to contain the crisis, and how he was told those concerned were already there.

"At first, I no been wan go", the man accused of killing Iminabo said "but later when the same person come call me again, I come say make I go."

He said when he got to the place; he saw the police and had to make a u-turn.
He went on, " I know why they come declare me wanted."
But who called him to the scene, we asked Soboma.

" Na one Peace Committee members na him call me to come, Soboma disclosed, "And besides if I dey come there to kill, I no go kill one person you sef you know".

Arguing that two groups were engaged in the trouble which occurred, Soboma declared, "I no dey there. Nobody go say na me start... or na me tell anybody to kill before this problem start".

But he said, "They come carry everything put for my head."
Soboma denied ever having anything to do with the drug trade, "Before God and man I don't sell drugs."

He said this could be verified from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.
Ateke's former number two man also denied claims that he launched the attack at Ndoki Estate and at Bonny Street,
He said he was out of town and had nothing to do with it.

He alleged a man was killed at Abuja Estate and suggested that friends of the person killed may have been the ones who retaliated.

Unconfirmed sources claim Ateke's house may have been hit in the attack.
He alleged that Ateke was responsible for the confusion which occurred prior to the jailbreak.

According to him, there was an earlier attack that was repulsed by prison guards before the last one that led to a near riotous situation.

He alleged Ateke had done everything to poison him while in prison, alleging that the final attempt to get him came via the unrest.

Somehow, Soboma joined the band of persons who seized the opportunity of the trouble in prison to escape.

Claiming he is innocent, he said the gods of Rivers State would not allow him suffer for what he did not do..

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