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PFN warns Christian crucifiers

Posted by By Udede Jim & Smart Wali on 2005/07/25 | Views: 1321 |

PFN warns Christian crucifiers

Frontline Christian denominations in Rivers State, under the auspices of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), have warned those who continually persecute Christians of dangerous consequences if they do not retrace their steps.

Frontline Christian denominations in Rivers State, under the auspices of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), have warned those who continually persecute Christians of dangerous consequences if they do not retrace their steps.

Making a solemn declaration at the conclusion of a three-day fasting and prayers for peace programme in Port Harcourt on Sunday, the President of PFN in the state, Apostle Eugene E. Ogu sounded it clear to Nigeria as a country that it must be understood "that the peaceful disposition of the church in the face of continued massacre of faithfuls and their places of worship in the Northern part of the country by Moslem fanatics should not be mistaken for weakness," adding that they had exhausted all sides of their cheeks, according to Biblical injunction and so had decided to speak up.

Noting that Christians serve a God who "can kill and make alive", Ogu reeled out a number of issues that border Christendom in the affairs of the nation.

They include double standards in the carriage or dispensation of justice in the land and the fact that no one in the corridors of power has shown concern that over one thousand churches have been burnt down in Northern Nigeria while several adherents of Christianity were brutally cut down in their prime, leaving many women a widows and children orphans.

The PFN leader queried: "If we are in a democracy, why do we have double sets of laws operating in one part of the country? Sharia is illegal and it should be stopped. We see no reason why mosques will stay side by side churches in the South (South-South, South-East and South-West), while it appears to be an unwritten crime for churches to operate freely in the North."

For peace to exist in the laud, the clergyman demanded for justice based on the constitution of the country which should regulate the conduct and activities of all organizations, individuals and the government in the country.

Apostle Ogu, speaking for the body of Christian Pentecostals, called for urgent investigation into the murder of Sunday Nachi, a Christian, who was a student of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria until May this year.

Government, he warned, must act now according to the laws or place the country on a keg of gunpowder as Christians all over would no longer sit back with folded arms and watch their own slaughtered at wills, while the Moslems perpetrators do their devilish acts with reckless abandon.

With appreciation to Governor Peter Odili's heavy donation of N100 million to the completion of the National Ecumenical Centre in Abuja, several Christian eagles conducted prayers for the upliftment of the state and the entire nation, based on justice and equity.

Prominent among the leaders were Rev. Stephen Akinola (Redemption Ministries), Rev. David Ibiyeomie (Salvation Ministries), Pastor. Belemina Obunge (Rivers Province of Redeemed Christian Church of God) and Bishop Friday Nwator, Special Asst. to Gov. Odili on Religious Matters, and a host of others including Rev. Simeon Afolabi.

Apostle Ogu called on public office holders to intensify efforts so as to reduce incessant killings in some part of the country.

Hear Him: "Watch, get your eyes open, Nigerians all of us should be security conscious. The rally was not organized for Christians alone, but for all of us to be in red alert. I don't accept any statement that says Nigeria is a multi-religious nation but I can only agree that Nigeria is a secular nation. I want to challenge those of you who are Christian journalists to rise up and defend the nation. Enough is enough."

He stated that members of PFN decided to speak out because of the concern for the nation, explaining that they have been doing this through dialogue. The man of God also called on the federal government to investigate and fish-out those behind the killing of six persons in Abuja recently.

He said: "We thanks God for their various endeavour, but we think that government should do more. We hope that the National Assembly and government at all levels will understand the plight of Christians. We are praying and believing that government will do something to all these."

Apostle Ogu assured that members of PFN will continue to pray for God-fearing leaders to emerge in 2007 to lead the country no matter the geo-political zone of the leaders.

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