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I donít believe in miracles

Posted by By BOLANLE FANITIRE on 2005/07/09 | Views: 639 |

I donít believe in miracles

She is so many things rolled into one. She is an academic, mother, mentor and disciplinarian. A teacherís teacher who has been in the teaching system for over five decades, Alhaja Adenike Kaka is proprietor of Wadeniks Nursery and Primary School.

She is so many things rolled into one. She is an academic, mother, mentor and disciplinarian. A teacherís teacher who has been in the teaching system for over five decades, Alhaja Adenike Kaka is proprietor of Wadeniks Nursery and Primary School.

Relationship with God
From childhood, I have been close to God. I believe we should move closer to God than any other human being. I do not want any intermediary between me and my God; I will only praise God in my own little way. I am close to him because I believe He will do everything for me and He is doing it up till now. I believe very much in God because he has been with me from the day I was born. In everything I do, I take God first.

I do not believe in tithing because you cannot buy your closeness to God with money. Whether you pay tithe or not, you should be close to God. What of the poor people who do not have money to contribute, they still have to pray and be very close to God. Tithe should be a voluntary thing and should not be compelled. There are churches and mosque where people on their own contribute to build for the people to use, so people should not be compelled.

Born again
According to what they say, born again are more enlightened to the word of God. One can be born again without saying it out. If you are close to God, then you are a born again. When I went to Mecca in 1983, within me when I was there, I had the knowledge that I have been cleansed of all my sins, that I do not have any sin against me. By the time I came back, I was feeling like that, and up till now I still feel the same. So, if anybody says he is a born again, it depends on the length the religion has carried that person.

I do not believe in miracles. I believe in the things I can solve myself and physiologically I solve so many problems myself, and it is now left to me if I call it a miracle. When I tell God this is what I want and He does it for me, I can say this is a miracle. Psychologically, one can say he or she is performing a miracle. If I know I have one illness and that God will cure me and I continue to pray, God will cure me. That is not a miracle, it is a thing of the mind. I studied Psychology and work with my mind towards God and I contact God through my mind.

Heaven and hell
I think I believe there is heaven. If you are doing anything good and you are with God, surely when you pass on, you will be with God. But when one is in sin, then the person can be said to belong to hell. Although we have only been hearing it because nobody has gone and returned, I still believe there is heaven and hell. It is certain that if you have gone through the ways of God, then you can say to be with God and that makes me to believe.
I do a lot of work. I love reading and travelling and I am a real supervisor in the teaching system. I do all these to keep on going.

I like egusi soup and Ikokere as an Ijebu woman.

Born in 1936 at Ijebu Ode in Ogun State, I attended Baptist Girlís Primary School, Zaria, and Nazareth College, Ibonwon Epe, where I did my teacher training programme between1954 and 1955. I started teaching at Ansar-U- Deen School, Ijebu Ode in 1956. I later went to the Joint Provincial Grade II College, Shagamu for further training and was posted to Abeokuta at Ago-Owu Secondary Modern School where I taught for two years. She came back to Lagos in 1963 and taught at Ansar-U-Deen Mission School. Within the same period, she obtained her Associate Diploma at University of Ibadan.
In 1969, she got a Commonwealth scholarship to do a programme of Education of Maladjusted Children in the Institute of Education, University of London. Upon her return in 1970, she went back to resume her teaching at Ansar- U-Deen. In 1975, she was transferred to Premier Day Secondary School, Surulere as an assistant teacher. After a year, she was transferred to Asar-U-Deen School Mushin as head teacher, then to Lagos City College between 1977-1982. She was transferred to Oke-Ira Grammar School in 1982 and two years later was again transferred to Olowo-Ira Primary School as head teacher from there she retired in April 1991.

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