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The prison option and Sir Kingsley Ikpe’s mental state

Posted by EGUONO ODJEGBA on 2005/06/19 | Views: 1005 |

The prison option and Sir Kingsley Ikpe’s mental state

ASSOCIATES of fallen MD/CEO of Thomas Kingsley Securities Limited, Sir Kingsley Ikpe have unanimously ‘vouched’ for the seeming good conduct of their erstwhile stockbroker, who already bagged 135 years jail term.

ASSOCIATES of fallen MD/CEO of Thomas Kingsley Securities Limited, Sir Kingsley Ikpe have unanimously ‘vouched’ for the seeming good conduct of their erstwhile stockbroker, who already bagged 135 years jail term. When certain happenings assume the absurdity, civilised society seek to look at the necessary options of the mental state of the characters concerned. There certainly is a precedent in Nigeria, with the case of Orji Kalu, the alleged man-eater, few years ago.

Same option for Ikpe becomes somewhat compelling, considering the ‘so fine’ educational and obviously post qualification career, including the testimonies of friends and colleagues, all of which point at the incredulous. Harvard trained, managing director/chairman of reputable public institutions, what could have driven Kinglsey Ikpe into a crime that is certainly unprecedented, giving the fact that it was a one-man squad fraud thing.

Did he need that money? Was he wearing the appearance of someone with so much money, that neither impacted on his lifestyle or character? Could the man have been driven by some yet to be determined unknown forces, obviating his full reasonable capacity? Could he be guilty of actions ‘imposed’ on him by external higher influences, should this be the case? And could the Nigerian factor have had a role to play in his prosecution and guilty verdict judgement? Read respondents views. Excerpt:

Mr. Edwin Ikhinmwin, MD/CE Emi Capital Resources Limited

I have known Sir Kingsley Ikpe since the early 1990s. I knew him as a banker when we were ion the banking industry together and I also know him as a stock broker. In my association with him, I can only describe him as a level-headed humble man who does not live above his means. I will give an example. There was a time when the bill to amend the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) act was presented before the National Assembly and we, as stockbrokers, needed to present our own in put. I went with him to Abuja and the car from his branch office in Abuja that we used throughout our stay there was one old rickety vehicle that you could not even describe as forth hand. If he was that rich, I don’t think he would have allowed that. All together, the accent fraud issue rankles me. It does not fit or rhyme with the image of the Ikpe that I know. The court judgement shows he is fraud. I don’t known the strength of his defense, but anything can happen in Nigeria.

Mr. Joel Okoedion, Head Capital Market, Denham Management Limited

It is a pathetic story. I read it in the newspapers myself and I felt it’s unfortunate thing to have happened to him. Mr. Ikpe is someone I look up to as a mentor. He has a lot of experience and knowledge that young ones like me and some of my colleagues tap from. He is versed in finacial issues, especially anything [concerning] banking and capital market We will all miss that experience. The incident also indicate that the market is going to another level now. It’s a lesson for all market players to be very careful and watchful in all we do.

Mr. Musa Ekakama, Deputy DG, NSE

He is a very good friend and we are close. This fraud matter is just unfortunate and sad. What is N137 million that could have tempted him? It is a thing he can invest and make his commission. We all human beings but by the grace of God, let us pray not to be overcome by temptation. We also pray that greed will not take over our reasoning. Ikpe is a very intelligent guy, packed full with knowledge. I feel sad. Well, I pray that God will see him through.

Mr. Thomas Braimoh, para-medic practitioner

Every day, we should pray to God for help and for protection. Unusual things happens, and it is enough reason to pray relentlessly. Just look at that man? I am afraid to comment on him. If he were not guilty, would he have accepted the judgement? My brother, I even thought that maybe, his mental state should have been studied first, before sentencing him? Whichever way, I doubt if he could have escaped culpability. If that man I saw in the newspapers with all his qualifications did such thing, then, he is certainly sick. Very sick.

Chief Ntong Ntong, Barrister/Advocate of the Supreme court of Nigeria

Anybody standing trial in the Nigerian court is deemed innocent until proven guilty by that court of law. What this implies is that a defendant has the constitutional right and therefore, at liberty to sufficiently argue his case. I suppose Mr. Ikpe had his attorney. I presume that he was not denied representation, and in any case, from all I have heard about him, he is not somebody you could push around where his fundamental human right is the issue, considering his educational pedigree. If the court found him guilty, and he is unsatisfied with the judgement, for God’s sake, he could appeal.

Even in jail, why not, he could appeal. I don’t know the man. But if anyone has any reason to think that the court’s judgement is an abuse of the processes of law, for whatever reasons, even the judge himself will not say do not appeal.

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