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The Sodom we call Nigeria

Posted by Chimex Ndubuisi on 2005/06/18 | Views: 577 |

The Sodom we call Nigeria

Fortnight ago, a 16-year-old girl was the centre of attraction. She wore a brown see-through mini skirt and blouse that barely covered her bra-less breasts. She guzzled beer and spirits, smoked and danced herself lame as lustful men, many four times her age, drooled over her.

Fortnight ago, a 16-year-old girl was the centre of attraction. She wore a brown see-through mini skirt and blouse that barely covered her bra-less breasts. She guzzled beer and spirits, smoked and danced herself lame as lustful men, many four times her age, drooled over her.

Somewhere around 2 am, she leaves, clinging on to an aging white drunk, which Serious Issues learnt, work at NITEL. Tomorrow, she will be back here again.

There are others dressed like countess Dracula, faces patterned with eye pencil and mascara; some delight in girdle pants and high heeled shoes, some wear stretch trousers and tight jeans that throw up the 'devil's triangle', as one customer called it.

They part the "V" from time to attract and hold attention.
On Saturday, 7th May, a musician and his colleagues graced the Charlies Café. Some of the girls gladly posed for pictures with the celebrity.

At the restroom area, you get an idea of the caliber of people who frequent here.

The language on the wall - English, German, French and Lebanese advertise the pleasures of the flesh.
Nigerian girls advertise what they can do with men when the price is right.

Their parents would simply faint if they knew what their daughters were doing in the state that prides itself as the Treasure Base of the nation.

At Friends Nightclub, close to waterlines, a cooler set up exists for night clubbers. With N500 gate fee, Friends College as the girls call it, offers sex, alcohols, cigarette, and of course, good dance music. Hints of drug use show in some of the girls who drink like fish and chain-smoke.

Like in the Blues Café, the attraction is money for the girls and sex for the guys. Friends are known as the last bus stop among night clubbers.

One, it operates daily and secondly, it is open from 10 pm to 5 am, providing room for a night cap after doing the rounds at other joints that unwind between 12 pm to 3 am. On special days, a regular informed Serious Issues, there are special treats.

It includes a strip tease session that she said; only stop short of total nudity. Sex, nudity and the fulfillment of every wild fantasy are on offer. "We give them what they can't get at home", one hooker told Serious Issues. They do virtually all things, for a fee! At times, they are paid to pose nude for photographs that are sold outside Nigeria.

Some, under the influence of drugs, never recollect what they did the next day.

A 55-year-old grey-haired white man described Nigerian girls as strong, sexy and fantastic.

Aquarius Night Club in the sane Presidential Hotel, Rumuola district, now defunct.

Once provided tantalizing delicacies but included a full strip tease session. Men vicariously followed the performers, drinking in their seductive gestures.

But Aquarius got too popular and too notorious. It became a melting pot for drugs and crime. Cult activities flourished and climaxed with a gun battle that ended with the death of one man, and the closure of the club.

Today, Aquarius is born again. Chez bar is said to be an offshoot of Aquarius, which one reveler says is now meant for decent big boys. Bootleggers, another night clubbers Eldorado, provide a more permissive environment for sex exchange. And Kalacutta, yet another, adds a revolutionary dimension to the adult delinquency.

But nightlife fun has its price. Some of the girls confessed that it is not as rosy as the tinted lights of the clubs suggest. Most have aged boy friends for money. Some have lost their lives at the hands of rituals. Those lucky to escape with their lives, tell tales of considerable cruelty and sadism by men. Still, it is a risk many girls consider worth taking.

If it is good enough for the girls in Lagos and Port Harcourt, then, it must be good for the girls in Abuja.
Like they say, there is no innovation without imitation.
Abuja, since it became functional as the Federal Capital Territory in 1991, has worked hard to be everything Lagos is. Tucked inside an exclusive area of Garki village in Abuja, is one such hangouts. It is located on a hilltop around the Central Bank area.

Top government officials and company executives, who cast their agbada and suit aside and throng the place in jeans and T-shirts frequent the rendezvous.

The place comes alive from about 9 pm and does not have a dull moment until dawn. Assorted drinks and pepper soup top the menu but the guests hunger more for the main course served at the place.

It is a special presentation of near-naked young girls who come on stage dressed in nothing but lace undies adorned with beads around their waists. Under the lights from the red and blue bulbs, there is really nothing left to be imagined.

These girls, whom Serious Issues learnt, are mostly from the Tiv ethnic stock in the middle belt of the country; display their nudity in the most seductive way.

If the men have trouble getting turned on from a distance away, the girls think nothing of approaching any man to sit and wiggle her backside on his lap, or kiss him. The man too is at liberty to fondle her breasts or touch any part of her anatomy, except that it will cast him.

He pays up by stuffing naira notes in her panties. Excited senseless, the men, who want to do more away from public glare, also squeeze their business cards or papers with their address and phone number on them.

With the advent of the Internet and GSM telephoning, pornography has come to stay.

There is no longer any need for people to prowl the seedier red districts of town to feed their appetites with this wild variety of fun. Their fantasy is only phone call away as prostitutes now routinely advertise their services in romance magazines, in tabloid and on the net, giving out their mobile phone numbers.

Serious Issues put a call through to one of such prostitutes, who sounding very business-like identified herself as Miss Stella.

Her unique selling points, she said, were that she was tall and well endowed in the right places. She also gave a run down of what she could do to make a man forget his name. She was equally prepared to meet the caller at one of three Ikeja hotels - Airport Hotel, Lagos Travel Inn or Excellence Hotel. Her initial asking price was N20,000 but after considerable haggling she settled for N10, 000.

Clearly there is a sexual revolution going on. A recent magazine, which featured the changing face of Africa, considered Nigeria's vibrant nightlife, at Kuramo Beach.

Nightclubbing, which used to be an innocent pastime, has become a national fever, which has assumed the dimension of a multifarious plague in some parts of the country.

This trend has many God-fearing people worried that the country is headed for a moral Armageddon, in the order of the backlash from immorality that biblical Sodom and Gomorrah witnessed.

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