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Power play in Bayelsa

Posted by By Isaac Olamikan on 2005/06/18 | Views: 308 |

Power play in Bayelsa

On Monday, June 6th an announcement on the Bayelsa State owned FM radio station, Radio Bayelsa took a few people by surprise.

...As Alamieyeseigha constitutes new LG caretaker committee

On Monday, June 6th an announcement on the Bayelsa State owned FM radio station, Radio Bayelsa took a few people by surprise.

The news was about the dissolution of the 4 local government caretaker committee and the appointment of new teams to men the affairs of the councils.

Telegraph gathered that Governor DSP Alamieyeseigha has earlier set the ball rolling with a three paragraph letter he wrote to the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Boyelayefa Debekeme stated thus: "In accordance with the provisions of the relevant sections of the constitution f the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I am pleased to forward to you the attached list of nominees for the vacant positions in the local government councils of the state.

"Mr. Speaker, you may wish to note that these nominations have become necessary to fill following the dissolution of the twenty four (24) newly created local government council of the state.
"Please accept the assurances of my high regards as we continue in the service of our dear Bayelsa State".

Reliable sources told Telegraph that the governor was forced to sack the 24 caretaker committees due to pressures been mounted on him that they were not performing, coupled with the fact that it was time to let other party stalwarts who worked for the party's victory in the 2003 polls to benefit from the system too.

Picking the new teams became a big task for the governor as we gathered that he had about 10 different lists to pick from.

Some of the groups/ individuals who submitted lists of their preferred candidates include 'the cartel' under the leadership of Chief Abel Ebifemowei (aka T.O), who is the governor's cousin and Special Adviser on Transport, Logistics and Youths; the governor's wife, Margaret; the Deputy Governor, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Chief Paulker.

As the names of the new caretaker committee teams was made public grumbling and cry of foul play rented the air. Most of the aggrieved parties". Complains was that they were unfairly treated in the member of the those picked from their list coupled with the fact that the number of chairmanship positions allotted to them was not enough.

By the next day, Tuesday, when the state lawmakers were supposed to meet and screen the new LG bosses, some women in their hundreds had arrived the Assembly
Complex in Amarata and barricaded the entrance. Their grouse was that only one woman was considered good enough to be a council boss contrary to their thinking that at least six of them would be so appointed.

While the women were in deep grief on their been 'short changed', some youths were complaining that most of them who were instrumental to the success of the party at the polls were sidelined for those they considered total strangers in politics.

By Wednesday afternoon when the assemblymen finally screened the chairmen other revelations came to the surface. For instance, it was discovered that the nominated chairmen of two neighbouring council areas namely Bomo East (Amos Shade) and Bomo Central / West (Clarkson Suobo) were from the same community, a situation that lawmakers were not comfortable with and had to withhold their endorsement of the duo.

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