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Robbers attack Azadus

Posted by By Segun Ajiboye, Tony Ogaga Erhariefe & Anagu Uche on 2005/06/06 | Views: 1842 |

Robbers attack Azadus

The spectre of armed robbery attacks on musicians in Lagos resurfaced Thursday as popular hip-hop singer, Mr. Lekan Fadeyi (aka Azadus) was attacked by bandits.

The spectre of armed robbery attacks on musicians in Lagos resurfaced Thursday as popular hip-hop singer, Mr. Lekan Fadeyi (aka Azadus) was attacked by bandits. They attempted to snatch his metallic blue-colour BMW 5 Series car.
It was reminiscent of the February armed robbery attack on 2face Idibia.

Speaking from his hospital bed (name of cline withheld) in Lagos at the weekend after doctors had battled all night to save his life, Azadus narrated that the armed robbers attacked him at about 10pm, Thursday night on 21 Road, Festac Town, Lagos:

"I had just left the Kennis Music studio on Ajao Road, where I was working on my new album. The recording was a huge success and I was so excited by it. Back home in Festac, I, along with my friend, Kadeem, of the Nitro group, was driving along 21 Road, listening to the recording.

"We parked the car by the side of the road because it was raining. Then, I noticed this jeep drive along and pull up in front of us. Two young men alighted and tried to force open my car door. I tried to drive off, but they shot in the car and I was hit on the wrist and lap."

Indeed, it was by providence that both Azadus and Kadeem escaped death. According to Kadeem (Oluseyi Shonowo), the robbers shot at the passenger’s side of the car, shattering the side glass, while another bullet went through the windscreen:

"I was very lucky. These boys meant to kill us. All I know was that I dodged as they release the shots and the bullets hit Azadus who was sitting on the driver’s seat."
Kadeem told Sunday Sun that he barely missed having his face blown off because he ducked in the nick of time as the shots rang out.

But fired by sheer survival instinct, Azadus still managed to drive off the next moment, with a shattered left wrist and two bullets lodged in his right thigh. He only stopped after the next two kilometers.
He recounted: "It was tough for me to drive that distance. One thing I had on my mind at the time was survival. The pain was getting to me and I knew I was losing blood and could pass out any moment. But I managed to drive home to get help. As a matter of fact, it was after I got home that I realised that I was not being trailed."

At his residence, a visibly shaken father of the musician, Pa Fadeyi, was full of thanks to God for sparing the life of his son and his friend. He was at the Church attending a vigil when he got news of the attack: "I was in the Church when my daughter called to inform me of the attack. I really thank God for saving the lives of these two young men. I am sure that God is really with us."

Azadus is planning to release a new album. He disclosed to Sunday Sun that he was truly very happy with the day’s recording, which was the third song of the new album.

Minutes before the attack, Azadus had phoned his girlfriend to bid her goodnight. But that was for a while as she was soon back by his side after she got news of the robbery attack.
Meanwhile, friends and colleagues of the musician have been thronging the hospital to sympathise with him. Among the early callers was Soundsultan who told Sunday Sun that the news of the attack was a surprise to him:

"It came to me as a rude shock. We were together at Kennis Music studio till late yesterday (Thursady). We all commended his work, which was close to conclusion. This kind of thing must stop in this country."

With a smile on his face, Azadus said he remains undaunted, promising his fans a quick return after his wounds would have healed.

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