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2 women fight over 'big man' in Yenagoa

Posted by The Port Harcourt Telegraph on 2005/05/27 | Views: 664 |

2 women fight over 'big man' in Yenagoa

Work was momentarily interrupted Thursday at the State Government Secretariat, Yenagoa when two women decided to settle their differences in the open.

Work was momentarily interrupted Thursday at the State Government Secretariat, Yenagoa when two women decided to settle their differences in the open.
The incident occurred in front of the Ministry of Works.

The story is that the two women are, mistresses to a high ranking Bayelsa official (name withheld) believed to be a general manager.
Apparently, the paths of the two women had crossed Thursday and words were exchanged.

Eyewitnesses say one of them repeatedly referred to the other as a husband snatcher while the other said her accuser was a useless person, using the opportunity of the public show to say unprintable things about her challenger.

In no time, a large gathered as their shrill voice rose higher and higher.
A permanent secretary (name withheld) who tried to make peace by stepping into the middle of fiery and angry women got what he did not expect.
A slap landed on his face and he simply melted away, taking his hurt pride with him..

Our sources say that with no one to separate them, the women went for each other in a titanic battle.

In no time, according to what we have heard, those sumptuous and delicious parts which probably are the delight of their lover boy were parading in the open as bitter, angry fingers tore into fabrics which once looked elegant to behold.

Many in Yenagoa circles wonder why the women could have come to make a mess of themselves in public.

Now, they are the talk of town, with many in the civil service asking their colleagues who witnessed the battle of wits to identify them.

Said one source, "one of them works in one of the ministries here."
Those who claim to know the general manager describe him as a casanova, a man who has his hands in several women.

For now, he must certainly be on top of the world with two damsels willing to tear each other apart on account of him

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Comments (13)

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