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B-L-A-S-P-H-E-M-Y: I’m Jesus’ rep

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B-L-A-S-P-H-E-M-Y: I’m Jesus’ rep

Situated at Akowonjo, a Lagos suburb, there is this particular place of religious worship that cuts the image of just another ‘spiritual’ (white garment) church dotting in virtually every nook and cranny of Nigerian cities. But that is where the semblance ends as its mode of worship is significantly different from what obtains in the Cherubim and Seraphim, Celestial Church of Christ or even Aladura.

• Says Jesus won’t come again
• Abolishes 10 Commandments

Situated at Akowonjo, a Lagos suburb, there is this particular place of religious worship that cuts the image of just another ‘spiritual’ (white garment) church dotting in virtually every nook and cranny of Nigerian cities. But that is where the semblance ends as its mode of worship is significantly different from what obtains in the Cherubim and Seraphim, Celestial Church of Christ or even Aladura.

Inside the premises is a hospital owned by the church. Across the road, it runs a school just as it has its own printing press and some small-scale industries.
The church, which has about 45 branches within and outside Nigeria, including Benin Republic, Zimbabwe and Gabon, is headed by a man held in high esteem by members.

He is not only adored and worshipped but also demands and commands equal respect as God. Every member must submit to him or be prepared to face stiff punishment for whatever is considered dissent by the ‘Lord of the Manor.’ His word is law and you dare breach it at your peril.
Welcome to the empire of King Olutanmole of the Whole Universe (real name: Christopher Yomi Jacobs), the self-acclaimed second-in-command to Jesus and spiritual head of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth Mission (KIHEM).

However, he is quick to emphasize that “for Heaven’s sake, I am not God and I am not Christ but simply, I am the one to represent Christ and to be His spokesman.”
He continued: “On March 15, 1989, I was in the spirit when light came from heaven and I saw the heavenly parliament in session with masters from other planets. I was the only black (man).
“Suddenly, the Great one conducting the session said, ‘Olutanmole, you are the only righteous man I have found on earth. You are the one I’m sending to this generation. Go and look for a hilly place in the wilderness. There, you will sojourn for seven days without food and water. All you should ask for are the new laws, new commandments, new precepts and new judgment for the administration of the Kingdom. For it is not by old commandments that I will govern people of this new age.’
“This is how I became the representative of Christ Jesus, not by the hand of anybody,” he affirmed.
In essence, Olutanmole said he is the representative of Christ on earth, to rule over the churches just like Moses in the Old Testament.

The man Olutanmole
King Olutanmole (Light Bearer of the Universe) is in his sixties. He claimed that on March 15, 1989 while sleeping, God took him to the parliament of heaven where he saw the host of heaven seated. According to him, he was the only black man there. God and Jesus, he further claimed, rose and poured oil on him, after which God proclaimed that from that moment, he would never bear an earthly name again, because God said throughout the world, he is the only righteous man without any blemish, and that this was the reason why God chose him. His name was changed to King Olutanmole of the whole universe.

He also stated that the verse of the Scripture: “Thy kingdom come” recited by Christians had already been fulfilled through him when God reportedly led him to the mountain at Omiluri village on May 28, 1991. God, he said, through him established His kingdom there and commissioned him to go to the whole world and gather people to that mountain. From there, he would lead the people to heaven, as Jesus Christ would not return again.

The self-styled viceroy of Christ is so powerful that members of his church tremble at his feet.
The pastors and members are barred from talking to the media or revealing the secret of the church to outsiders.
Among others, Olutanmole claims that the wisdom of this world has been given to him, and it is the reason his decision is final.
The 10 commandments in the Bible, he also claims, are now obsolete and have been replaced with seven new laws given to him by God. These are:
• Be obedient
• Worship God at all times
• Be faithful in your deeds
• Be obedient to God the Father
• Be obedient to God the Son
• Be obedient to the Holy Spirit
• Be obedient to Olutanmole
He added that he had commenced work on a new Bible that will replace the current one.
The man is married to a woman his followers refer to as Queen Olutanmole of the universe, and they have seven children. All his family members are deeply involved in the running of the church.
The office of the king is at the topmost floor. Inside it, there is a throne like that of any monarch. Anyone who enters the office must pay homage to him like any other Yoruba monarch otherwise he would not listen to you. His lieutenants and visitors greet him thus: “Kabiyesi, Oba Olutanmole, Igbakeji Jesu ni gbogbo agbaye, oba mi to logo julo” (The great King Olutanmole, Viceroy of Jesus on earth; my King that has the greatest glory throughout the world.) While paying homage, the person must prostrate and roll on the floor.

His wife’s office is opposite his, and it is equally well furnished.
Olutanmole claims to have power like Jesus, as, according to him, all power had been given to him by God and that he can raise the dead among other miracles.
He goes out in a convoy of cars with uniformed bodyguards that are reportedly licensed to carry arms. His most senior orderly sits in front with the driver, carrying the staff of office of the king. No other person except his wife sits at the rear with him.

King Olutanmole of the Universe (Chris Yomi Jacobs) claims that on June 11, 1989, he went into a trance. In it, he saw himself in the midst of the congregation where heaven’s parliament was in session. He claims to be the only black man there. He said God called him Olutanmole, that he was the only righteous man on earth. “You are the only righteous person. Go and find a ‘Hilly place, there you will sojourn for seven days. There, I will plant my kingdom, you will be their king; you will rule over them,” he said God had told him.

Sunday Sun discovered in the documentary packaged by Olutanmole that, in 1992, he claimed to have received a letter from Angel Michael. The letter was from God. The letter wrote that ‘you are the representative of Christ on earth. You are now the appointed and anointed viceroy of Christ on earth. You are now endowed with the power of salvation, healing, deliverance through prayer; all power have been released to you to use any how you want’. Though he claimed not to be God or Christ, the representative of Christ on earth, and to be the spokesman of Christ. He was given the authority to be a controller of all churches on earth, to manage the affairs of the churches here, to govern all heaven candidates on earth, to also manage the affairs of the kingdom of God here on earth, which God established through him.

He said that in August 1989, God commanded him to look for a mountain where God would establish His kingdom. He searched for two weeks, moving from Idanre, to Owo, Akure Ile-Oluji and so on, until God led him to a mountain at Omiluri, a village between Akure town and Ondo town all in Ondo state, South west Nigeria on May 28, 1991. He said God pronounced him the blessed and most favoured one among the human race.

In 1991, God called him again to re-visit the mountain with his disciple ministers; to go and fast for seven days on the mountain. On the second day when they got to the mountain, God showed him a circled rainbow with a great illumination in the middle. There and then, God, he said, established His kingdom, to be governed by Olutanmole, thus depicting the birth of a new age.
He claimed that the full-circled rainbow with light in the middle symbolises Jesus as He descended on earth, to establish His kingdom. It symbolizes the birth of a new spirit age. There, every citizen of all nations will always gather to worship God.

He further claimed, in the documentary, that God appointed his wife Obafunmilayo (The name given to her wife by himself after assuming the position of the viceroy, Christ representative and the appointed and anointed representative of Christ on earth) to always look into the affairs of women universally. She ought to sit atop women’s affairs throughout the world.

Genesis of ministry
The Jacobs started their ministry at Omiluri village, from where it is expected to spread to every corner of the world.
Olutanmole claims that the holy throne of God is situated at the middle of the mountain where God revealed to him under the place where the circled rainbow with light at the middle was seen. He claims that it was at the spot that he, and others that received the message from him, would ascend to heaven with those that believe in his brand of Christianity. He said Jesus will not come back again. He backed this up with Micah 4:1-2.

The Church
On a daily basis, activities go on at the Church headquarters and other branches. Except on Sundays, there are five services at the headquarters daily - at 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. On Sunday, activities start at 9am until King Olutanmole deems it fit to round off the programme.
Sunday Sun investigation revealed that although it claims to be a Church, the manner the place is administered is at variance with known norms of a place of Christian religious worship. Once you become a member, you no longer have the right to take a decision of your own. Olutanmole makes all the decisions for you.

In fact, there are some names you cannot bear or christen your child as a member. For instance, you cannot bear Yoruba names like ‘Ife’ (Love), ‘Itunu’ (Peace), ‘Aanu’ (Mercy). He reserves the right to change your name, because, as he claimed, since his ordination by God as the viceroy of Christ on earth, love, peace, mercy have been handed over to him and he is the only one that can give these virtues to human beings. He may decide to re-christen you Obafemi (king loves me), Obadunmininu (king makes me happy), Obagbenga (king elevated me).

Another amazing thing Sunday Sun found out about the church is that, you cannot choose a wife for yourself. Whether you like her or not, Olutanmole is the one who makes a choice for you.
In the early days of the church, it was also said that all members living within and around the headquarters were not allowed to eat in their homes. Everyone of them reported at the headquarters where a general meal was prepared and eaten by the members.

Our reporter also learnt that sometime ago, one member (names withheld) who was working with a bank before he joined the fold, was asked by the spiritual head of the church to resign his job, a directive the man’s wife kicked against. In consequence, the couple parted ways.
The man eventually resigned his banking job, and Olutanmole reportedly gave him another job in his farm at Iganna, a village in Oke-Ogun, where he stayed for two years, completely shut out of civilization, before he was eventually transferred to the Lagos headquarters of the same church.

Members as workers
At the headquarters, you have a whole family working for the ‘king’. While the father could be one of his lieutenants, the wife could be a staff in the school arm of the church, the daughters working as trainee nurses at the hospital and the sons as Olutanmole’s bodyguards. There are about six to seven families like that in the enclave.

His workers are said to be low income earners, such that everybody would always look up to him for one favour or another. Although they are uncomfortable with the situation, most of them cannot complain aloud because of the fear of being thrown out of the place. For instance, at the headquarters, there once was a family that work for Olutanmole; the husband earned N5, 000; the wife N4, 000 and their daughter, who was a trainee-nurse, earned N2, 000.
The hospital arm of the church is said to be headed by a United States-trained doctor and they perform all sorts of medical services.

In the school, all the teachers are members of the church or wives of the pastors. They earn between N4, 000 and N10, 000 monthly, the head teacher inclusive.
It is equally a tradition in the church that if you are married to any of Olutanmole’s daughters, you must resign your job elsewhere and join the pastoral work force. Besides, you must leave your home for an apartment he provides for you and his daughter at the headquarters.

The celebration of the birth of Christ on December 25 by Christians worldwide is an aberration in the church. Olutanmole claims Christmas celebration is actually idol worshiping. According to him, God asked him to change the celebration to King of Glory Festival, which is marked between the last week of November and early December. During the festival, all members gather on a designated mountain in Omiluri village between Akure and Ondo towns in Ondo State for three days and are not permitted to eat food that has salt, palm oil, pepper or any king of seasoning.

There is a portion at the mountain reserved for only the king. No member is allowed access to that space, but they can kneel before it and make their supplications.
There is also another portion like a palace that has all facilities fit for a worldly king. This is the house of the Olutanmole of the Universe. Only him and his immediate family members enter there, while the church members sleep in the open, at the mountain for the three-day programme.
Sunday Sun also gathered that on every Friday, no member of the sect is allowed to eat food that contains palm oil, groundnut oil, pepper, salt, or any seasoning. He is the only man that can eat anything he likes.

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