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'I killed my husband in error'

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'I killed my husband in error'

Angered by her husbandís alleged infidelity, a housewife, Eunice, in Lafia, Nasarawa State, lost her temper and stabbed hubby to death. Johnny Danjuma spoke with the suspected killer

Angered by her husbandís alleged infidelity, a housewife, Eunice, in Lafia, Nasarawa State, lost her temper and stabbed hubby to death. Johnny Danjuma spoke with the suspected killer

If Samuel Tanko Ibrahim had any premonition of danger penultimate week, he would have abandoned his home for his patient-turned-wife. But those sighns were hidden from him and he was swept away by painful death.
The late Ibrahim who was living with Eunice at Bukan, Cidi area in Lafia, was allegedly stabbed by the nursing mother for allegedly straying into the laps of a mistress.

Ibrahim, once a fire-brand preacher and a pastor in a Pentecostal church at Akeleku, some 20 kilometers away from the state Capital, dumped the pulpit some years for career in herbal practice. That was when he met a mentally deranged Eunice.

As at the time, the late Ibrahimís only resolve was to set her loose of the psychiatric enslavement. With such determination it was easy to ensure some measure of healing, irrespective of the degree.

Depressing situations are usually unfair to beauty. Thus, Eunice blossomed even in beauty, with sanity restored, and arrested Ibrahimís attention. Before long, they were in love, and this culminated in her becoming the third wife.

The suspected murderer is believed to have been abandoned by her previous husband, with whom she had four children, at the peak of her psychiatric problem. She has since produced a five-month old daughter for Ibrahim.

The late herbalist never failed to respond to his innate desire for pretty women. His first wife, it was learnt, now lives in Abuja with her five children, while the second, who she married shortly after the pastoral experience, currently resides in Keana Local Government area of the State.

Events leading to the death of Ibrahim, The Nation gathered, started with information from his friend, one Usman Sabo. He informed the wife that her husband had already rented an apartment for a girl-friend and even offered to lead the mother of five to the Ďlove centerí

Narrating her story at the Police Command in Lafia where she was paraded with other suspects last week, Eunice explained that she returned home to meet a note with a phone number requesting her to call the number.

When she dialled the number, she said it was her late husbandís friend, Usman Sabo that was on the line and asked her to meet him at a certain place for Ďa brief discussioní. On reaching the appointed place, she said, Sabo intimated her of Ibrahimís infidelity and how he rented an apartment for a girlfriend where the man always enjoyed some nice time.

On getting to the house, he pointed to the apartment and withdrew, leaving Eunice to go and find out whether it was true or not and when she knocked on the door, she said a lady peeped through the window and later opened the door for her.

After inquiry from the lady suspected to be the manís girlfriend, she recalled being told that the man was not in and that the lady asked her to come inside the room.

When she steeped into the room, she saw her late husbandís personal belongings which confirmed to her, Usmanís story.

Consequent she said she called the husband on phone and told him that she was in the house she rented for her girlfriend.

After this, she was said to have gone ahead to gather some of the manís belongings and took them outside the house near an electric poll where she started setting them ablaze.

On his arrival, she said, the man queried the act and this led to exchange of words that eventually degenerated into physical combat. At that point, she claimed that the man started beating her and throwing her on the ground when they were inside the room, with threats to kill her.

It was in the process of struggle, according to her account, that she turned around, saw a knife close-by and used it to stab the man on the chest.

An eyewitness account had it that when the man was stabbed, he struggled and got up and made to get away from the woman but stabbed again. He did not get far as he later fell into a nearby ditch and gave up the ghost before being taken to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

Collaborating Euniceís story, the late manís friend, Usman said the deceased was actually his friend and that he was not denying what the woman said.

He confessed to taking the woman to the scene of the murder but said he did not partake in the killing of his friend as he only pointed apartment to the woman and withdrew from the scene before the incident happened.

On what prompted him to take such a decision of showing the woman the place, Usman said he was angered by his friendís act of infidelity and over spending on other women while leaving his other wives without proper attention.

Another twist was however added to the whole drama as the woman (Eunice) is now demanding N200,000.00, allegedly taken away by her late husbandís relatives, when they went to their matrimonial home to remove his belongings.

The woman was said to have explained that the said money was left in a sack in the house before they came for the late manís properties and that the money belongs to her.

It probably would take special divination to resolve the controversy surrounding the claim since the husband could no longer neither confirm nor deny the wifeís claim. Findings, however, showed that the Migili tradition in Nasarawa State, where the man hailed from, has it that belongings of a late husband is not shared to a wife or wives but the sole right of his family or relations. As Eunice and her accomplice, Usman remains in police custody, the state Police Commissioner, Shehu Babalola, said that the matter was still under investigation.

He said the suspects will soon be charged to court of law as soon as investigations into the matter were concluded. It was gathered that the accused have been transferred to the Criminal Investigative Department of the Nigerian Police in Lafia.

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