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Pastor Marries School Girl

Posted by By Lois Okereke on 2008/09/23 | Views: 2685 |

Pastor Marries School Girl

Head pastor of the Glory of God and Miracle Church, Pastor Emmanuel Chisaokwu Michael, has wedded a school girl, Juliet Uzoamaka Uzoeghelu, in his church.

Head pastor of the Glory of God and Miracle Church, Pastor Emmanuel Chisaokwu Michael, has wedded a school girl, Juliet Uzoamaka Uzoeghelu, in his church.

Despite the disapproval of neighbours and friends, the couple went ahead to sign the dotted lines in front of family members and the congregation in the church, located at 1, Alabi Williams Crescent, Olusesi Bus Stop, Agbado Road.

During the wedding, the pastor gave orders that no one, except the photographer he contracted, must take photographs. When our reporter tried to take a photograph of the couple with his camera phone, he was bundled out of the hall and locked up in a room.

The pastor showed up a few minutes later, collected his phone and demanded that all the photographs be deleted, after which he was allowed back into the hall.

The pastor later gave orders that the reporter should be monitored so that he does not take any more photographs.

Another reporter, who sought the reaction of close neighbours of the church on the same day, found out that most of them were against the marriage, as they stood outside the church, insulting those in attendance.

One of the neighbours, who pleaded anonymity, condemned the pastor, saying that he should be arrested for marrying an underage school girl.

“I have known this girl even before her father died. She is too young to get married. I can tell you categorically that she isn’t more than 14 years of age. This pastor should be arrested for destroying this girl’s life,” he said.

“You can see for yourself how everyone is abusing him and people attending the wedding. I am sure God will never forgive this so-called pastor,” he added.

Another neighbour told P.M.News that the pastor and the bride’s stepmother should be made to face the law.

P.M.News investigations revealed that Juliet (the bride) and two of her siblings, whose parents are deceased, had been living with their stepmother since the demise of their father.

P.M.News also learnt that Juliet, who ought to be in SS 2, was a scholarship student at Rehoboth Secondary School before she dropped out because of the marriage.

Sources close to the Uzoeghelu family told P.M.News that most of them were shocked when the news of Juliet’s wedding was broken to them.

“I was shocked when her stepmother told me she was getting married because my own daughter is actually a year older than Juliet is. The girl is an intelligent girl who should be allowed to, at least, finish her secondary school education. She is too young for the responsibility of marriage,” a neighbour said.

“I am sure her stepmother must have allowed this marriage to avoid the shame of an unwanted pregnancy,” she added. It was, however, rumoured that Juliet may be pregnant, which explains the early marriage.

When P.M.News spoke with Pastor Emmanuel, he debunked the rumour, stating that to prove it wasn’t the reason for the marriage, his wife had been taken to the hospital to confirm that she wasn’t pregnant.

The pastor also refused to declare his wife’s age, saying ”age is a thing of the mind.”

According to him, “no one is greater than the Lord Jesus Christ. If he and other great men in the Bible were persecuted, who am I? People can only talk about great people and not nonentities. Age is a thing of the mind and it is nobody’s business who I chose to marry.”

He stated that he had never promised anyone marriage but his wife and did not see any reason why people should complain.

Offering an explanation for the rush, he totally disagreed that she is too young. “I have known her since September 2007 and I believe she is matured enough for marriage. This marriage is one ordained by God,” he said.

Juliet’s stepmother also said it is nobody’s business who or when her stepdaughter chooses to marry.

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