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Nadabo, arrow head of impeachment plot,in dramatic visit to Ogun liaison office

Posted by By Sun News Publishing on 2005/05/24 | Views: 459 |

Nadabo, arrow head of impeachment plot,in dramatic visit to Ogun liaison office

The sudden appearance of Hon Bashir Nadabo Friday at the Ogun State Liaison office, Abuja fuelled fears that the arrow -head of President Olusegun Obasanjo impeachment move may have compromised his stance.

Fridayís visit of Hon Nadabo who is from Katsina State would be his first ever, even though he insisted that he had not been bought over by the camp of the president.

When asked about his mission by newsmen who had laid an ambush for him, he said that as a Nigerian he has the right to visit anywhere in the country.

"You want to know why I came here? I came because I am a Nigerian. Are you people saying I donít reserve the rights to visit anywhere I like. Look, my friend, Hon Amusan saw me at the National Assembly, and he said I should accompany him somewhere. I donít see anything bad in that coming from a friend," he said

Hon Kayode Amusan is representing President Obasanjo's constituency in the House of Representatives. It will be recalled that the House on Tuesday took over the process of impeaching the president from Hon Nadabo who had got the nod from 199 members.

Hon Nadabo said he didn't know whether the invitation extended to him by Hon Amusan was to the knowledge of the president.

"Well, I donít know. May be, he is doing what he is doing on behalf of the president. If it is so, it is part of democracy. As a friend, he saw me and said we should talk. I donít see anything wrong in that," Hon. Nadabo said.

However, he reaffirmed his determination to forge ahead with the plot to remove the president now that the leadership of the House has taken over the process.
"The question of backing down does not even arise, not now. Hon Amusan is my friend. I cannot because of friendship abandon the struggle because we are here from different constituencies representing our people. He is from Ogun State, and I am representing my people from Funtua in Katsina State," he declared.

As a member of the 15-man Technical Committee mandated to streamline the impeachable offences of the president, he said he would work with the committee so that the report would be ready by next week.
However, the arrival of Hon Nadabo, accompanied by Hon Amusan caused a stir as people who identified him rushed out of their offices to cash a glimpse of him.

Before the arrival of the duo, a crew of the Nigeria Television Authority [NTA] had been stationed at the premises of the Ogun State office while frantic efforts were made to contact just few media houses.

Hon Nadabo exchanged pleasantries with a former female member of the House present, Mrs Janet Adeyemi, and a top-notcher of the National Democratic Party [NDP], Chief Kenny Martins.

Hon Amusan defended the visit of Hon Nadabo to the Ogun State Liaison office saying that it was just a visit from a friend.

"You want to know the partnership between me and Hon. Nadabo who is the arrowhead of the impeachment threat against my President? You know I am representing the President. Look, Hon Nadabo is my friend from inception, you people may not know, when I saw him I said we should talk, but that I want to branch at Ogun State office, it is you, the press that is making an issue out of it," he claimed

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