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10-Month-old baby rescues mum from ritualists

Posted by The PM News on 2008/09/11 | Views: 2928 |

10-Month-old baby rescues mum from ritualists

It was divine intervention a as a 10-month-old baby in Gombe, has saved his mother from being murdered and used for rituals.

It was divine intervention a as a 10-month-old baby in Gombe, has saved his mother from being murdered and used for rituals.

According to the mother, Fatsuma Hassan, 35, resident of Bula village, near Gombe, she and her son had left home for Gombe last week.

She said: ‘’When we arrived Gombe and disembarked at Shongo motor park, a commercial motorcyclist approached me and enquired where I was going, I told him Chenchenya area.

‘’But as I was about to climb the bike, he removed N500 note, requesting for change and immediately I set my eyes on the note, I went off my senses.

‘’The next thing, I saw myself in front of a house with black gate and was forced to enter it.’’

The victim said that while in the house, she was forcefully undressed and her ampits, genital and head completely shaved: ‘’However, my baby boy, who was dropped on the floor became restless, crawling from one end of the house to the other and crying ceaselessly’’.

‘’At a point, he was crawling toward two containers of liquid substance, an action that infuriated a woman in the house, who then ordered that my son be restrained’’.

‘’The woman, who from all indications was one of the leaders in the house, queried the motorcyclist for bringing her a nursing mother.’’

According to Fatsuma, the woman then ordered that the ‘’troublesome boy’’ be handed over to his mother and they be released.

``Again, as the gate was opened and another motorcyclist ordered to drop me anywhere, I lost my senses for the second time, only to find myself close to a motor park in Nasarawo area of Gombe.

I could not recognise the motorcyclist that brought me, to the place,’’ she added.

Fatsuma said that the incident occurred between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. and that she was not in a position to identify the area of the town she was taken to.

She stated that while in the house, she saw three other victims, two girls and a woman.

‘’I suspected the girls were caught while hawking fried yam and egg because I saw their wares in the house’’, Fatsuma further said.

Malam Hassan Dahiru, 77, father of Fatsuma and resident of Ungwan Misau in Gombe town, thanked God for sparing the live of his daughter, He advised people, especially women, to be extra- vigilant in their dealings with commercial motorcyclists.

Gombe State Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, Mr. Baba Yola, told NAN, the News Agency of Nigeria that they had yet to receive any formal report on the incident, but promised to cross check with the DPO in charge of Nasarawo area.

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