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UNILORIN Post-UME: Lagos Candidates Frustrated

Posted by By Eromosele Ebhomele on 2008/08/18 | Views: 4014 |

UNILORIN Post-UME: Lagos Candidates Frustrated

University of Ilorin candidates for the post-University Matriculation Examination (UME) were, this morning, frustrated again when they were told that the examination has been postponed.

University of Ilorin candidates for the post-University Matriculation Examination (UME) were, this morning, frustrated again when they were told that the examination has been postponed.

Over 400 candidates were stranded at the 1, Oba Akran Avenue, venue of the examination, which was last week, postponed to today.

At the entrance of the venue was placed a yellow colour cardboard informing the candidates that those earlier scheduled to write the test today and tomorrow, would now do their examinations on the 25th and 26th of this month.

The candidates, who could no longer bear the frustration, expressed anger by singing protest songs and shouting at the institution’s officials who were around.

A candidate who spoke under anonymity told P.M.News that the institution was making him loose interest in education.

“You can’t imagine that I travelled all the way from Ondo State to do this exam. This is the second time it is happening like this,” he stated.

The candidate said that the excuse given earlier was the same excuse the officials gave today. “They told us that their system could not process our data. If they can’t do it through the internet, they should focus on doing it manually and allow us do our exams,” he told P.M.News.

However, another candidate who gave his name as Dele, said from the officials’ explanation, he was sure that the candidates caused the problem. “Most of these candidates filled the wrong data while some used the wrong e-mail addresses. You know, more than 80 per cent of the candidates are not internet-friendly. So who do we blame?”

According to Dele, this is the first time any Nigerian institution would be doing its examination online. The candidates were made to buy an examination slip for N3,200 from which a pin number was made available for them to fill their data through e-transact.

“But some of us messed up the process which now created this problem”, Dele said. Toyin, a female candidate, who came from Abeokuta, told P.M.News that the idea of using the e-transact was a great one as it would now force most of the candidates to train themselves on information technology. “Those who submitted the wrong e-mail will now go and open one,” Toyin stated.

An official of the institution, who pleaded anonymity, said it was surprising that candidates and youths willing to continue their education still do not understand information technology.

“They just leave themselves and refuse to flow with the tide. We are in an age when if you are not careful, you would be left behind.”

He told P.M.News that those who had no problems filling their data would be allowed to do their examinations “but these are very few. Ninety per cent of the others would do theirs on a later date.”

Asked why candidates from other states were made to come to Lagos, the official said only two centres were created for the examination, one in Ilorin and the other in Lagos.

“We sent messages to their e-mail addresses informing them of the shift in date, but the messages bounced back, meaning that their addresses were wrong. Just yesterday, we received over 200 calls from some of them telling us they could not fill their data,” the official added.

According to him, information technology has come to stay. The candidates, he said, must learn to use the internet or they will continue to remain where they are.

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